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Sex Advice | Lovemaking | Love Technique
Deepen Your Love With Post-Sex Affection

Sexual intimacy is clearly an important aspect of any romantic relationship, fostering desire, connection, and pleasure between partners — however, the significance of what happens after the physical charge of [ … ]

Vagina Tightening – The Natural Way

I was asked by someone in their mid-forties if there is anything to make their vagina tighter? Happily, the answer is a resounding, ‘Yes’! The vagina is a ring of [ … ]

Watch This! Sex Positions – The Lovers’ Guide Sexual Positions – Available For Download

Illustrated Sex Positions & Techniques
Scissoring Sizzles For Penis Owners – Not Just Vulva Owners

Many people think of scissoring as involving lesbians enjoying vulva on vulva action. And it does – with over 40 per cent of women identifying as lesbian, bisexual or queer [ … ]

Lovers' Guide woman-on-top sex positions
Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life – Woman On Top

Sex is a crucial part of life. Let’s face it – sex is crucial TO life: none of us would be her without it. The average person has sex about a hundred time a year so – given most losing their virginity around the age of eighteen and are sexually active well into old age – that’s thousands of times during our lives [ … ]

Sex positions for confidence in bed
The cowgirl sex position
Sex Positions That Help Burn Calories | Get Fitter And Leaner Between The Sheets

When stuck together – and many of us tending to overeat – can you use your intimate encounters to keep yourself trim? We know that getting fit can help you have a better sex life, but can having a better sex life help get you fitter? Now, we don’t mean to kick this off negatively, but it is clear that anyone  who believes that sex could be a more effective form of exercise than, say, jogging is sadly mistaken. Of course, that’s leaving out the pleasure factor, where surely sex wins hands down [ … ]

Sex positions for fat people
Women-on-top sex positions and female orgasm
Standing Sex Positions | From Quickies To Exotic Romps

An often overlooked but highly erotic set of sex positions are those where you are standing up. Actually, they open up a wide range of opportunities going from the quick, [ … ]

Sex positions - woman-on-top
Dominant sex positions
The Side-Saddle Sex Position

This sex position, in which the woman is on top, is fairly difficult but allows for shallow penetration and stimulates the underside of the penis. To achieve this position, the [ … ]

Sexy Shopping

Sex toys - sex shop - Lovehoney

Watch This!

Sex positions video
Sustaining A Loving Relationship
Are They ‘The One’? – Here’s How To Find Out

Finding the right partner can be a challenging and sometimes confusing process. With so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to determine if someone is truly “The One” [ … ]

How To Reverse Low Libido In Lockdown (Or Any Time!)

Spring is finally springing, the vaccines are rolling out, but in many places lockdowns are still in place and people’s sex drives are plunging. The last year has been tough [ … ]

Sex And Happiness
Winter and your sex-drive
How To Have Mind-Blowingly Mindful Sex

Mindfulness involves being in the moment, of accepting feelings and bodily sensations as they happen. We focus our thoughts onto what we’re sensing in the present moment and leaving aside [ … ]

Healthy relationships - doubts and problems
Will A Sexual Threesome Destroy My Relationship?

There is no reliable proof that a threesome is certain to ruin your relationship. But actually having one is likely to make challenges to your sexuality, emotions and orientations surface [ … ]

Just sex? Casual sex - or not
Sex drive - better foreplay techniques

Watch This! Oral Sex Positions And Techniques – From The Lovers’ Guide Video Download Sex Play

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