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Illustrated Sex Positions & Techniques

Standing Sex Positions | From Quickies To Exotic Romps

Standing sex positions - illustrated lovemaking

An often overlooked but highly erotic set of sex positions are those where you are standing up. Actually, they open up a wide range of opportunities going from the quick, lustful sex you can enjoy wherever and whenever the urge takes you (especially in semi-public places), to highly charged erotic romps away from the usual in-bed, horizontal activity.

Standing sex will certainly add new thrills and give you a new view of intercourse. But, it has to be said, some positions are not the easiest to get into – or are the most comfortable when you have. Apart from the quickie ones, you will both need to be very willing, take your time, probably need a sense of humour and, for some, may require you both to have quite a high degree of flexibility.

When lying down for sex, differences in height aren’t really an issue – but when standing it can make positioning for penetration quite difficult. The three main vertical positions are face-to-face; the woman facing away from the man; or the man holding the woman up in some fashion. With face to face, or face to back, positions, the shorter may need to stand on something to align the penis and vagina.

One of the simpler ways to make love in the standing sex position is to have the woman with her back to the man so that he can enter her from below and behind – assuming you’ve dealt with any height differences. That gives you the added excitement of rear entry sex, and the man can enjoy the sensation of pounding against the woman’s buttocks as he penetrates his partner.

Another facing away position is the standing doggie. The woman stands in front of the man then bends forward from the waist, allowing the man to penetrate her from behind. The (usually) fast and furious nature of this sex position gives you both an additional thrill. For men, penetration is deep, and for women, your partner has plenty of scope to caress your breasts, clitoris and the rest of your body.

Standing sex positions

Image from the Lovers’ Guide video download Sexual Positions

Face-to-face standing sex positions

Face-to-face standing sex positions can be very intimate. The whole point is to get your bodies as close as possible. Start by facing each other and take it from there. You’ll have to try out how best to stand and feel comfortable in this position. You may need to slightly bend your knees a little or lift a leg. Positions like this are often easier with the woman’s back against a wall. If she’s very flexible she could try lifting one leg up and wrapping it around him – or even putting an ankle on his shoulder.

A wall also helps if the man is holding the woman up with both her legs wrapped around him. The wall takes some of the strain and makes it less likely he will drop her – or both fall over (if you do – laugh it off!).

If you want to get even more athletic, try the wheelbarrow. The woman starts on all fours. The man, standing behind her, picks up her legs, and holds them on either side of him, so that the woman is resting just on her hands. He then raises her legs until her pelvis is lined up with his and he can enter her. Penetration is deep and it gives the man a great view of his partner’s buttocks and most intimate areas. It’s also ideal for making a small man seem bigger. And the head rush from the downward angel can provide extra thrills for the woman.

A great variation is the reverse wheelbarrow. To begin, start from a standing lovemaking position; the woman then wraps her legs around the man’s waist, her arms around his shoulders to support her weight, and slowly lowers herself down backwards until her hands touch the floor, with the man holding her waist. Alternatively, a more exciting method is for the woman to do a handstand against the man, then slide her legs down either side of him as he supports her by her waist. Once she’s at the right level, she then wraps her legs together around him as he penetrates her.

Standing sex, furtively in dark corners, was how many people enjoyed many of their early sexual experiences. At its simplest, it has the obvious advantage of being able to have sex without much undressing. Just a quick lift of the woman’s clothes and a swift unzipping of the man’s pants and there you are, ready to get it on. In later life, you can recreate the thrill of risking being discovered in flagrante delicto; in the park, the office, the stair-well, just out of sight of other people, wherever you can but likely you shouldn’t.

The more advanced positions are not just for risk runners or thrill seekers but those who want to expand their repertoire and discover new sensations. When you consider how different the angle of the vagina is for the entry of the man’s erect penis, you’ll understand that standing sex is going to feel very different – and that’s one the great plusses that these sexual positions offer. So fit the position to the mood and explore the spectrum of sensations that standing sex opens up.

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