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How To Get Better At Sex

Sexual Arousal And Brain-Sex | Arouse Your Mind

Better sex? It’s just a matter of getting down to it, right? But if you are interested in creating a more sexy-sensual build-up, whether with a new partner or in a long-term relationship, you can do a lot to make sex better before slipping between the sheets. This goes way beyond foreplay, essential though that be for, especially, a woman’s arousal. Throughout the day, arouse your partner [ … ]

How To Get Better At Sex | Loving It? Faking it? Is Your Partner Enjoying Your Sex Life As You Are?

Sex should be very pleasurable for both parties, right? But how do you really tell if your partner is actually enjoying sex – and getting off on the moves you’re making? Remember When Harry Met Sally – and the Meg Ryan (fake) orgasm? Here’s how to check if you are truly connected sexually – or if there might be work to be done getting better [ … ]

Better Orgasms | Sex Technique

Although the vast majority of lovemaking and foreplay techniques concentrate – quite rightly – on unselfishness as a prerequisite for good sex, there are times in most couples’ lives when they want to concentrate on the quality of their own orgasms and not just those of their partner. This doesn’t mean selfless lovemaking has to go out of the window, but it does demand, occasionally, a slightly different approach to sex [ … ]

Premature Ejaculation | Prolonging Sex, Delaying Orgasm – For Men

Men who worry about how long it takes them to come aren’t doing themselves any favours, in terms both of enjoying sex, rather than worrying the while, and of lasting longer. Prolonging sex and delaying orgasm needn’t be, and shouldn’t be, an exercise in trying to switch off from feelings. Your body will just get on doing what it’s doing while your mind is trying to be elsewhere. If you want to last longer, you’d be better learning to enjoy the feeling of having sex while it’s happening, rather than fixate on the ‘goal’ [ … ]

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