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Introducing Water Play Into Your Sex Life

Lesbians shower - sex play

Look up lesbians and water play on the internet and you’re quite likely to bring up a long list of lesbian water polo clubs – not exactly inspiring, but you’ll find that when you think about what fun you can have sexually with water, you’ll be having more than you first thought possible!

Most girls have messed about in the shower – it’s often a sexy place to be intimate. It’s also got the added bonus of being clean, so if you find you ejaculate more than most, this is a great solution for keeping the sheets fresh and keeping you relaxed about coming as much as you want!

If you’re lucky enough to have a detachable shower head, you can use this on yourself and/or your girlfriend. Just think how hot it would be to watch your girlfriend stimulating her own clit with a powerful jet of water when she is wet all over herself.

Cold water can be used to stimulate the nipples ready for you to nibble on or bite and it also gets the blood moving around the body, so it’s easier to get her turned on. Make sure you counter-balance it with some relaxing hot water to get her even further stimulated.

The bath may be messy, but this can be a very good thing – especially once you get a sensuous rhythm going. Your skin will feel different and you’ll want to explore her all over again when she is covered in hot water and her hair is dripping wet.

Try washing each other to get more intimate and use some expensive body gels, so not only will she be clean and wet, but she’ll be relaxed and ready to go.

Don’t forget about ice cubes and cold drinks. If you’re in bed, slowly push a melting ice cube into her vagina to give her a different kind of stimulation that will certainly get her attention. Also, try pouring water over her breasts.

Some women enjoying stimulating each other anally with water – it can often produce quite a different sensation to anything else and could be a good way of introducing anal sex to someone who might be nervous about it.

Drying off afterwards is also part of the fun. You can dry each other and kiss each place that you are going to dry as you go and then introduce some sensual lotion. The closeness is sure to turn you on and bring you together.

Water enlivens the body and the skin so you’ll be more sensitive to each other’s touch. It’s something that should be enjoyed.

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