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Illustrated Sex Positions & Techniques

The Joy Of Woman On Top Sex Positions

Lovers' Guide woman-on-top sex positions

Woman on top sex positions put you in control and your partner will likely love it. If he is the one who usually initiates and takes charge, he should be delighted for you to surprise him. What’s sexier than being dominated by a partner and seeing her at her confident best? He gets a fantastic view as you pleasure the both of you.

As you bounce up and down, there is often enhanced stimulation. It’s well known that woman on top sex positions lead to more likelihood of reaching your orgasm. Many of these positions allow you to grind your clitoris on to your partner’s pubic bone. You also get to set the rhythm, pace and amount of friction.

Self-confidence with women-on-top sex positions

All that being so, in actuality not every person is happy to leap on top unleashing her inner cowgirl, and (if only in her head) yelling, ‘I am woman, hear me roar!’ It takes self-confidence, some of the positions are difficult to master, it can be tough making all the effort, keeping up the rhythm and so the whole experience can feel intimidating.

A major concern can be the feeling of vulnerability. You are more ‘on show’ and your sexual techniques much more centre stage. As with many things in life, a major boost to your abilities is a positive mental attitude. Loving yourself, happy with how you look in the buff and feeling proud of your sexual capabilities, are all great pluses. Remember, it’s almost a certainty that your partner will have an amazing time no matter what you do.

Initiating woman-on-top sex

Then there’s what to do with your body. How to get on top? If you’re lying side by side, you can roll over to be belly on belly – and take it from there. Or you could move to kneeling or squatting over your partner’s torso. One challenge can simply be maintaining your stability. If this is an issue, start off with positions where you can use all four limbs to steady yourself – grabbing on to your partner or the bedding.

Once you start to move, a great tip here is to let your hips guide you. A suggestion for moves is to try ‘writing’ letters with your hips on your partner’s pelvis. Some like using the word ‘coconut’ – because of the easy shapes of the letters. Doing that should provide not just great stimulation for you both but also help you set the pace moderately enough for you both to enjoy the motions.

You are the one in charge of the rhythm, speed and depth of penetration – so keep all those going in a way that really does it for you. Your vulva and clitoris are also likely more accessible in woman on top sex positions – so you or your partner can stimulate these areas. And/or bring a sex toy into play.

Ring the changes. You can lean forwards or backwards to change the alignment. You can shift angles to enjoy more or less penetration – and use thigh muscles to alter the grip. You can move from one position to another to make the session even more adventurous. And, should it get a bit tiring, there’s nothing to stop you encouraging your partner to take over for a while.

Clearly, these are sex positions where you need to make most of the effort. Being on top requires you to concentrate on the act and be more in the moment. That alone should stop your mind from wandering to the many things women fret about and instead be wholly bound up in the sheer sexual pleasure of it. If you need to, take time and allow yourself to practise. Start with some of the easier positions to ease into being on top. But be assured that some of the deepest orgasms for you – and the most erotic experiences for your partner – are there to be had when you get on top.

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