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Illustrated Sex Positions & Techniques

Best Sex Positions For Deep Penetration

Sex positions for deep penetration

Few couples use sex positions for deep penetration every time they make love. Occasionally, however, a couple may wish to experiment with positions that offer especially deep penetration and a whole wealth of new sensations.

Most men enjoy penetrating a woman’s body as deeply as possible. Some see this as a total acceptance of them as men and lovers, while others see it as demonstrating the control they have over the woman.

Deep penetration sex positions are also enjoyed by some women, but most find it less attractive than do men. This is because the most erotic parts of a woman’s vagina are at the entrance and the areas immediately inside. Generally the deeper the man goes in, the less sensitive are a woman’s tissues.

The male sexual urge

Men having sex have an almost primitive urge to thrust deeply as they ejaculate and for many – if not most – men this deep thrusting is regarded as the best part of intercourse. Most women, however, prefer shallower penetration sex positions.

This is an area of give and take in a sexual relationship. The loving woman who may not particularly enjoy deep thrusting can, from time to time when she is exceptionally aroused, allow her man to penetrate her deeply, even if it hurts for a few seconds. This can be a tremendous turn-on for the man who perceives that filling his woman so completely is a sign that he is in charge of lovemaking. At both conscious and unconscious level, this is a game that some couples enjoy.

Many women like to be told that they are about to be penetrated very deeply and some ask for deeper penetration, especially when highly aroused. Few men are unaffected by such behaviour.

You’ve told us:

“Deep penertration is fantastic. I have made love twice this morning in this position. Lying on my back with my legs open very wide and pulled back to my stomach. My husband has been able to enter me deeply and full. As he was penertrating me I had the urge to tell hin how much I wanted his penis inside of me, fully inside of me, and that drove him wild. He pumped away until I was shaking all over with excitement. I felt his penis touch my cervix over and over again and this just made it all the more erotic for me too. I wanted him so much and he knew it. Barely an hour went by and we were at it again. I have never felt so aroused or turned on. Just typing this in now is getting me going!!!”

Why bother?

When a woman becomes sexually aroused, the lower third of her vagina becomes greatly engorged with blood to form a ‘barrel’ of spongy tissue that grips the penis and makes the vagina feel ‘tight’. Because of this swelling, sex positions that allow for deep penetration are not essential for a man to enjoy intercourse, and many women claim that quite shallow penetration is especially exciting for them. But occasionally, a couple will want to experiment with techniques which involve deep intercourse.

Deep penetration in sex can be very passionate and exciting, especially as the woman has to press her thighs back against her stomach to let her partner penetrate her deeply. This ‘opening up’ of the whole of her pelvis to her man makes him feel especially wanted. And some women similarly claim that they want their man to ‘fill them up’ and other such phrases.

Very deep penetration can provide entirely new sensations. The aroused vagina widens very greatly at the top end and this means that deep penetration, rather than offering more stimulation to the head of the penis, actually stimulates it less. This gives a new dimension to the feel of the vagina for both the man and the woman.

Some women like deep penetration even when they are not fully sexually aroused. The intense stretching caused by the penis deep inside her produces novel sensations and sometimes even some pain. This intensifies the excitement for those who enjoy a little pain during sex..

The benefits

Deep penetration can also be useful for the man who has trouble with coming too soon when having sex. If his partner is aroused, her vagina will have expanded at the top end and so will offer less stimulation to a ‘trigger-happy’ penis. So, ironically, deep penetration can help him make love longer, whereas deep penetration makes the average man come sooner.

Another group of couples that may benefit from deep penetration are those who are having difficulties conceiving. Even a relatively infertile couple – especially if the man has too few sperms – may be able to conceive if they make love every other day around ovulation time and the man penetrates his partner very deeply.

The need to experiment sexually

For some women having sex, very deep penetration brings their partner’s pubic bone into contact with the clitoris, causing intense excitement from the repeated friction. For many women, though, the pressure of the man’s pelvis comes in entirely the wrong place and can even be unpleasant. There is only one way to find out – experiment.

The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus and projects down into the top of the vagina. It can usually be felt by a woman herself if she squats and inserts her middle finger into her vagina. Almost all men can play with their partner’s cervix during sexual foreplay unless they have especially short fingers.

Women vary in how much they are aroused by cervical stimulation, but some are very excited by being touched there. Deep penetration sex positions enable such a woman to enjoy her man’s penis stimulating her cervix, and this can be pleasant for the man too. Some men say that hitting the cervix with their penis is one of the best parts of intercourse.

Deep penetration in rear-entry sex positions is highly arousing for those women who have a sensitive G spot. In front-entry positions, the G spot does not become stimulated. Deep rear-entry sex positions are excellent for such women.

Some women greatly enjoy being on top of their man when they are having sex and then positioning their body so that they can direct the penis tip to stimulate the front wall of the vagina. Many men find this exciting because the woman is using his penis to bring her to her own climax.

Deep penetration sex positions in pregnancy

During the middle three months of pregnancy, when the vagina is widening and lengthening, some couples find that normal intercourse positions feel ‘sloppy’ or ‘loose’ for the penis. This is the time when deep penetration can be very exciting.

In the last month of pregnancy it is probably not sensible to use deep penetration positions, just in case it starts off labour. This is especially likely to occur in a woman who has a history of premature labour. However, deep penetration can be a very pleasant way of starting off labour if you are overdue. The absorption of muscle-contracting prosta-glandins from the semen helps to begin to contract the uterus.

Possible problems

Usually, deep penetration is highly arousing and the majority of couples greatly enjoy it when they are having sex. However, some do not.

A man with a tight foreskin which gives him little trouble in shallow intercourse can be in considerable pain when penetrating a woman deeply. If this is the case, he should see a doctor to have the problem sorted out. Apart from this, and the difficulties of the man who needs lots of penile stimulation if he is to climax, there are only rarely any problems with men when it comes to deep penetration. Some men may find that their penis tip receives little stimulation in deep penetration and that they have difficulty coming. The solution is simple – the couple should use sex positions that enable the penis to be grasped by the lower third of the vagina.

In women, there are several potential problems with deep penetration. A few perfectly normal, healthy women find that really deep penetration hurts, especially if their man has an exceptionally long – as opposed to thick – penis. The answer is to find sex positions that do not put deep pressure on the sensitive areas.

Any woman who experiences true pain, rather than discomfort, during deep sex should see her doctor to sort out what the cause might be. There are many causes of pain during intercourse – including cervical conditions, a uterine prolapse, endometriosis (a condition in which uterine lining material finds its way into the pelvic cavity and causes pain and often infertility), pregnancy, inflammation in a Fallopian tube (often the result of VD) or even constipation – but most are easily diagnosed and relieved by a general practitioner.

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