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Illustrated Sex Positions & Techniques

Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life – Woman On Top Level 2

Start with the woman lying face up on top of the man. She then sits slowly up with her legs facing forwards. Once she’s in a ‘sitting’ position, the man raises his legs to support her back and she rocks against him. Alternatively, the man can slot his legs in front of the woman so that she can lean forward against them and he’s got more control over how far she can lean, and he thrusts [ … ]

Sex Positions That Help Burn Calories | Get Fitter And Leaner Between The Sheets

When stuck together – and many of us tending to overeat – can you use your intimate encounters to keep yourself trim? We know that getting fit can help you have a better sex life, but can having a better sex life help get you fitter? Now, we don’t mean to kick this off negatively, but it is clear that anyone  who believes that sex could be a more effective form of exercise than, say, jogging is sadly mistaken. Of course, that’s leaving out the pleasure factor, where surely sex wins hands down [ … ]

Sex Positions Love And Relationship Issues: ‘I Only Experience Female Orgasm When I’m On Top.’

‘When I have sex with my man, I like to ride him. Why? Because that’s the only way I have had an orgasm. I want to know how he can give me an orgasm without playing out that position. This has been the first person I have ever had an orgasm with! I just actually felt and knew what an orgasm was about 1 yr ago. Ever since I have wanted that position because that orgasm feels really good! [ … ]

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