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Illustrated Sex Positions & Techniques

The Cowgirl Sex Position | Sex Positions That Help Burn Calories

The cowgirl sex position

Image from the Lovers’ Guide video downloads Sexual Positions

This position, in which the woman is on top, is very simple and allows for clitoral stimulation. To achieve this position, the man lies on his back while the woman straddles him, leaning forward with her weight on her hands, and she rides him. It’s easy to kiss your partner in this position.

It’s good for men because it generally takes longer for a man to have his orgasm in this position, so it’s a great one to try if you want things to last longer. It’s also great for women if he doesn’t have a big penis, as you can adjust things to grind your clitoris, while enjoying the thought of your partner being inside. If the man does have a big penis, i.e. well above average, the sensation might become extreme – so you have to be confident with him that you’re both happy with your facial expressions as you get off. (Trust us: you’re beautiful.)

Men, if you want deeper penetration, arch your pelvis towards the woman – although this position is already great for deep penetration. It makes the most of you.

It’s good for women because this position puts you in control. You can set the speed and depth of penetration – and if sex doesn’t last long enough, this position can improve things as you can keep penetration shallow and go at your pace rather than his.

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The man’s movement is tempered in this sex position. In fact, some women like this element and add to it by pinning their partner’s arms to the bed while they make love to him. One of the best things about this position is the amount of clitoral stimulation it provides.  The more the woman leans forward, the better friction it provides.

Women: get off especially grinding your clit on your partner. You cum first. Once you have had your orgasm, either go for your second or use your hands to get him off.

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