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How To Have Multiple Orgasms

Female multiple orgasms - techniques and video

Image from the Lovers’ Guide video download Better Orgasms For Women

Multiple female orgasms are by no means the norm but – no myth – they are certainly possible. Having a lover who knows how to help you have multiple orgasms is a huge boon. Studies suggest that somewhere between 14 and 40 per cent of women achieve multiple orgasms in one session. Women have a special advantage over men when it comes to multiple orgasms – it might take them longer to climax, but they don’t then require what’s known as a refractory period – and a second orgasm can then follow quite quickly. (Male multiple orgasm tends to mean that, for the male, the refractory period is relatively brief – Youth can be a factor!)

First off, the woman should be sure she wants to try for multiple orgasms to begin with. Many women would rather cuddle after the first orgasm than make the effort to go for an encore. Plus, women differ dramatically in regard to how they can achieve a first orgasm, let alone want to go for more. It’s possible she may always be too sensitive to want to go again for a second. She should neither pressure herself nor feel any pressure from the male to come again. If he woman feels there is an expectation to have multiple orgasms, then like as not it won’t happen.

Male vs. female orgasm

If she is up for it, then it should all begin long before you hit the sheets. The idea is that you, the male, help her get so turned on that one orgasm just isn’t enough to satisfy her. And that means good foreplay – the kind that begins even before you even see her. Text-messages during the day to tell her how excited you are to see her, great dinner conversation, maybe a massage – all before you get naked. The more turned on she is before her first orgasm, the more likely it is that she’ll have a second – and maybe even a third.

While sometimes it can be easier for her to experience multiple orgasms if they quickly follow one after the other, other times, she – and so, you – need to take a rest. This isn’t just giving her clitoris a break, it’s giving her whole body a break. Sometimes the body needs time to recharge after orgasm, so taking a rest period can increase the chances of it happening again. During these breaks, enjoy kissing, cuddling and just relaxing sensually naked together. Keep up the sexual tension with sexy talk. Take time – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Oral sex, masturbation and multiple orgasm

Studies show that most women find it easier to climax by hand than from intercourse. And many respond more powerfully sexually to oral sex, too. So if you really want to help your partner achieve multiple orgasms, concentrating on manual or oral stimulation is really going to improve her chances. Penetration, on the other hand, is probably not the best bet, since many women can’t even reach a first orgasm from penetration alone.

What does female orgasm feel like? Stay alert

After a woman has her first orgasm, the blood that rushes to her genitals during sex lingers, making it easier for her to climax again. Start with a light touch. Try lightly circling your finger or tongue over her clitoris slowly, and then work up to more intense stimulation with an increasingly faster pace and more pressure. Be sensitive to her growing arousal and try going with her pace and rhythm to help her over the top again.

But remember, most times, once is all it takes for both of you to be happy. A single orgasm can be both exhausting and wholly fulfilling, and at that point another one might be just too much effort. Not all women want to go for multiple orgasms, and, even if they do, certainly don’t want to be going for them every time. It’s important that you are sensitive to what your partner wants. If she says not to, be glad she achieved such a satisfying orgasm the first time around that she doesn’t want to handle another one just yet.

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