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Flirting And Dating Tips

How To Be More Attractive And Desirable

Some people seem to exude sex appeal whilst others disappear into socially invisibility. What are the differences that make a person more attractive and desirable?

Being classically attractive sure helps. Growing up with a good figure as a man or a woman certainly is a big leg up. As much as there’s the beauty or handsomeness that people see, there’s the inner confidence that it builds over the years. For those who are less of an Adonis or Venus, it goes a long way to work on developing an inner sense of confidence that you then radiate to the world. A major factor in getting others to love you is to love yourself.

Be aware of, and develop, your body language. Walk tall and move with confident ease through life. A bowed head and drooping shoulders are not going to suggest a confident person who deserves the attention of others. Equally, you should demonstrate that you care about your own looks by the way you present yourself – from good grooming to carefully chosen clothing that flatters your body shape.

When relating to others be sure to show you are being attentive to them.  Maintain a good amount of eye contact. Smiles from you show both your relaxed confidence and responsiveness to what they’re saying. In conversation comment in a way that shows you have been listening to their views. One of the most attractive qualities a person can have is you showing a connection with them.

And finding connections has been shown to be an important factor in helping develop deeper involvement with others. When talking together subtly seek those things that you may genuinely have in common (faking interest usually unravels). Don’t fall for the cliché that opposites often  attract; research shows that rarely works where shared interest, goals and values are far more likely to provide the foundation for a lasting relationship.

In all of this, work on trying to project the best person you can be – without overdoing it. No-one wants someone who is going to be too much in their face. Surely the point is for you to give out signals that will interlock with those of another so that you will find each other mutually attractive and desirable. And from there maybe start build a solid relationship.

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