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Illustrated Sex Positions & Techniques

The Side-Saddle Sex Position

This sex position, in which the woman is on top, is fairly difficult but allows for shallow penetration and stimulates the underside of the penis.

To achieve this position, the man sits down on a chair, but rather than sitting astride him or on top of him the woman sits side-on, with her legs on the floor or – if it’s an armchair – over the side of the chair. She then uses either her hands or her legs to control the thrusting. This offers a very different sensation for both of you, as the angle of approach is very different from normal.

It’s good for men because this stimulates the underside of the penis – in particular the Coronal Ridge (the ridge where the head curves in to meet the shaft), which many men find a deeply erogenous zone.

It’s good for women because this sex position is ideal if your partner is extremely well endowed, as it controls the level of penetration.

Caution: Be careful not to stretch the penis into an angle that is uncomfortable for either of you, and move slowly until you’re both happy with the feeling.

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