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This week’s Lovers’ Guide sex toys: Dildos vs vibrators: Which will give you the best orgasm? When it comes to sex toys, everyone is different. Some women like the buzz that they get from vibrating toys and find that nothing is more effective for orgasm than the Rampant Rabbit’s ears rubbing against their clitoris while its base rotates against their entrance and its shaft rotates against their G-spot. Read more!

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  • wrong_partners-jpg
    The wrong partners

    Advice for those of us who always seem to end up with the wrong guys and girls. How do we break with the habit of inappropriate relationship decisions?

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  • penetration_02-thumb_01-jpg
    My partner views internet porn

    I've found my partner looks at lewd sites on the internet when I’m out, really pornographic stuff about older women etc. I have confronted him about it and he said it's just for titillation. He also looked at an AdultFriend finder site. Again, when confronted, he said 'sorry' and that he wouldn't do it again but he has.

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  • rtemagicc_satisfaction_guaranteed_thu-jpg-jpg
    Spotting when your partner is ready for sex

    Whether you're looking for a casual fling or want to take your relationship from flirty to frisky, you need to know the signs that say: "Let's do it" or "Don't even think about it"! We've got some handy tips to help you spot the difference!

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  • amigay_gay_thumb_01-jpg
    Am I Gay

    If you’re curious or wondering whether you might be gay – and this can still be a troubling question – you may be closer to sexual fulfillment than you might think. Keep an open mind and you can readily discover your true sexuality and reap the rewards.

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  • penis_taste-jpg
    Can I improve the taste of my penis?

    We know that what you eat and drink affects the taste of ejaculate (cum), but can you also change the taste of your penis – to make it even better for your partner than it is already? Advice is given.

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  • sexpostchildbirth_thumb-jpg
    Sex After Childbirth

    The return to sex after having a baby is a very personal matter and depends, as with all sexual matters, on both the sexual bodies and personalities of those involved.

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