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Sex Positions Video Downloads: Watch This!!

Sex Positions Downloads: Watch This!!

TRY A NEW SEX POSITION TONIGHT! The Lovers' Guide Sexual Positions comes packed with new moves to delight your partner - and you too! If it's intense clitoral stimulation you're looking for, or positions for G spot thrills, or if you're in the mood for warm, lingering skin-on-skin intimacy, download the Lovers' Guide series, including the Sexual Positions feature, and share with your lover tonight. Click to download here



This week's Lovers' Guide sex toys: Dildos vs vibrators: Which will give you the best orgasm? When it comes to sex toys, everyone is different. Some women like the buzz that they get from vibrating toys and find that nothing is more effective for orgasm than the Rampant Rabbit's ears rubbing against their clitoris while its base rotates against their entrance and its shaft rotates against their G-spot. Read more!


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Sex Advice...

Sex positions for intimacy

There are times when we want to feel skin-on-skin close with our lover, one within the other, maybe writhing or just lazying our way toward orgasm. What are the best sex positions for these times? Do we stick with missionary sex...

Sexual Health Advice...

Tight foreskins and circumcision

A Loversí Guide visitor writes: I believe it is necessary to share some knowledge which is very important for your readers to help dispel some common misperceptions about what to do about tight foreskins and about what actually...

Gay Sex and Relationships Advice...

Gay sex toys, gay sex positions

Anal sex toys such as dildos, butt plugs and vibrators can be a beautiful complement to your favourite sex positions. They make for great foreplay, then as well when youíre having anal sex they can enhance this experience, for...

Lesbian Sex and Relationships Advice...

Masturbation techniques

Being a lesbian, itís pretty obvious that youíll be good at masturbating. Or is it? Many lesbians feel that touching themselves is actually quite a difficult act Ė and find that the only time they can come into contact with a...

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