Sex Problems

Why Do I Feel So Bad After I Masturbate?

‘I know we’re all supposed to masturbate these days, and that’s all part of a free and healthy sex life. Well, I do – I feel compelled to; it’s a habit – and where I go in my head when I masturbate, I do not want to describe, but I go there, and afterwards I feel soiled, drained, ashamed, and physically depleted. Is this just me or is this a general thing? Have I just not got a proper handle on this, or is everyone pretending, when they know it’s wrong? By the way, I’m a (single) man.’

Can I make my tiny penis bigger?

Penis size is a worry for many men, with most of those seeking surgical ‘enhancement’ already very much around the average mark – or bigger. When a man feels he has a very small penis – advice is given.

Taking your partner to sex school

The start of a sexual relationship is a time of exploration, when we both work out each other’s sex style and home in on what we both like from sex. Where there is an initial sex-mismatch… Advice is given.

Sex positions and cramping: three questions

With one partner on the large side and the other petite, not all sex positions might be comfortably available. What, though, when sex causes cramp? Advice is given.

Is masturbation damaging my relationship?

I really love my wife – and we have good sex, well, around three times a week. Usually twice at weekends and once in the week. Trouble is, I’m in an office on my own and I keep flipping YouPorn on my computer. I find I’m masturbating more than having sex – and the thought that I might get caught (people have sometimes come in – but not realized, I think!) makes it even more exciting. Sometimes I’m thinking it’s getting more of a turn on than sex with my wife and may damage my marriage. What do you suggest?

I’m a sexy, powerful woman: they’re letting me down

I’m a 25 year old who’s always liked short involvements or one night stands; I’m a professional woman, a boss, very into sex and, I like to think very savvy and empowered.

The ‘doggy’ sex position is making me feel abused

What happens when your partner seems to have got on an American Psycho-style power trip – and when you tell him you don’t feel so great about this he just seems to get off on it more and more? Advice is given. What would you do in this situation? Have your say in the LoveSpace forums.

I want a girl to let me try anal sex

What do you do if, as a heterosexual man, you really, really, really want anal sex, and the women you’ve had in your life have not wanted to be on the receiving end? Can anal sex really be that important? Advice is given.

When casual, fun sex isn’t enough for him

‘I’ve been having fairly casual, good fun sex with a friend. I’m happiest not calling this a relationship. He’s seemed to want more – and now he’s started avoiding me altogether.’ Advice is given.

I had a three way: have I got HIV?

I don’t know who to turn to but the Lovers’ Guide. I am a mostly heterosexual woman but got a bit wild with a girlfriend and her boyfriend at the weekend. We had all drunk way too much and had some other stuff, too, then my gf started coming on to me. That was fine – and I suppose I quite enjoyed it. Her bf was obviously hugely excited by watching all this. Anyway, he didn’t have a condom – and I am terrified of getting pregnant so, when it came to having sex with me, I let him do it anally. Then I was talking generally about what we had got up to with my gf (we work together) – and she mentioned that her bf would get off on men sometimes just as we had got off on each other. Now I am terrified that I might have Aids (you wouldn’t belief how normally obsessive I am about safe sex) and don’t know how I can go to a clinic and say all this (it’s hard enough to write it down anonymously). What do I do?