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Wham, Bam! The Joy Of Quickies

Lovemaking involving time spent on intimacy and arousal makes for a solid foundation for satisfying sexual relationships. But, on occasion, there’s a great place for spontaneous passion, instantly satisfying your pure lust. It’s heady and passionate. It shows that you crazily get off on one another and really literally fancy the pants off them!

Instant sex – when orgasm happens for either partner, or best both,  almost at once – can be extraordinarily exciting. The knowledge that your lover simply can’t wait to go through the foreplay motions, but has to have you right away, can be a huge turn-on in itself. And, before you think this is mainly a testosterone-fueled male urge over a not necessarily compliant woman, stats show that women are actually more often the initiators than men.

Instant Lubrication and Erection

Though a woman will usually need a certain amount of foreplay for her vagina to be fully lubricated and receptive to the man’s penis, when she is in the mood for quickie sex this can happen pretty immediately. If not, there is always nature’s own lubricant – saliva. Given the right stimulus – his own lust or his partner’s – the man’s erection can be pretty instantaneous, too. Few men are not aroused by a partner who lifts her skirt and tears off her underwear. Many women say they are many times they don’t want the low lights, the flowers, the tender arousing of the body – just to feel intensely desired by their partner wanting instant and wild sex with her.

Instant sex, or the ‘quickie’, excites because passions can run very high and there may not even be time to properly remove your clothes. Because your movements are so frenetic, they create sensations not experienced in any other type of sex. Tiny word of warning, though, any kind of sex requires mutual consent – and that may be hard to be sure of given such wild and raunchy behavior.

No Rules For When and Where

That said, there are few boundaries to when and where couples indulge in quickies. For many people, sex in semi-public places – parks, beaches, in bushes, trains and boats and planes, or just in a room next to another full of people – adds dizzily to the excitement. Fear of discovery itself can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Be careful, though, particularly with al fresco sex not to break any laws of public decency.

Here’s one couple’s story: “We were walking in a friend’s garden when she took my hand and dragged me into the shed. She didn’t say a word, just started kissing me and went for my trousers. Then she leaned against a wall, unzipped me, and guided me in. I started thrusting really hard and then, when I heard someone walking down the path outside, I thrust harder and faster. Suddenly, we were both having these explosive simultaneous orgasms – and felt totally sated. Then we walked casually back to the house as if nothing had happened.”

In the best of the instant sex positions, neither of you needs to remove any clothes at all. The man can simply release his engorged penis through his trousers, while the woman can push aside the crotch of her underwear. For a man, if she releases one or both of her breasts from her bra, that will be terrifically exciting. For the woman, dragging down his trousers or lifting his top while ravaging him, can vastly increase the intensity of the passion for both.

The Many Benefits of Quickie Sex

There are many benefits to having quickie sex quite often. For starters, the adrenaline rush alone provides a different kind of high altogether. As such, it can give a boost to a relationship where one partner has a lower sex drive. It can help teach you which buttons you can best press with your partner to drive them wild. And it has other, hardly recognized health benefits; it is good for your heart, skin, and muscles. More orgasms for men help protect against prostate cancer, too. For both, it can slow down aging, too.

Use this form of desire as an opportunity for the two of you not just to explore the emotional intimacy that influences the quickie, it’s your physical and sexual intimacy as well. Communication is always important. Find time later to discuss with your partner what works and does not work for you around the quickie. This is an opportunity to deepen your relationship to another level.

One important aspect of having a quickie is for the two of you to know how you both feel about orgasms and the possibility of one or both of you on occasion – or more often – not having one. And if the quickie is becoming the prevalent form of sex for you, it’s time to talk about how do both of you feel about this. The best couples talk about what quickies mean for them in order to make this a full and fulfilling experience for them. So don’t overlook the potential for your short and sharp sexual encounters to become something extraordinary for you both.

Many studies have shown that couples who are often giving themselves over to quickie sex feel more confident, happy, and secure in their relationships. In proving how desired you both are by each other, you will radiate with the glow of sexual contentment.

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