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Lesbian SexLesbian Sex And Relationships

Striptease For Lesbians

Lesbian striptease

Striptease may not be the first thing you think of when trying to impress the girl in your life, or simply making a change to a more routine sex life, but it can be rewarding and fun for both of you.

There are so many possible elements to it and the ‘rules’ for striptease are flexible, which means you can completely tailor it to what you and your partner are into. It can always be tailored to your sexual interests, meaning it will never be dull!

The first thing you’ll notice if you are the one who is going to be doing the strip, is that you’ll probably enjoy it more than you thought you would. Everyone has an exhibitionist in them, and you’re sure to get more in touch with this side of you once things start taking off – so to speak!. Not only can you become more in touch with the hidden parts of your personality, but you’ll find that your self-esteem and confidence can improve.

By showing off and being appreciated by your partner, you’ll feel special and want to do more – it’s one of those wonderful circles that is by no means vicious at all!

If you’ve never tried striptease before, you may wish to take things gently. Don’t worry too much about heading off to the fancy dress shop to get a huge frilly burlesque outfit – or a PVC uniform that, you might think, wouldn’t make anyone feel sexy! Simply take a look in your wardrobe and find the outfit she has always said she likes seeing you in. It could be a nice top, some funky jeans or a suit – just remember how good she said you looked in it.

Once you’re outfit is decided upon, check your grooming. You’re going to need to feel confident, so make sure all your bits and pieces are done. De-fuzz wherever you need to, but don’t do anything beyond your normal routine – otherwise it can look contrived. Have a long bath, moisturise and make sure you feel 100% about the way you look.

Next up, get the timing and location are right. Perhaps wait until she comes home after work, settle her down with a drink and let her relax a little – and then get to it. She’ll be thinking her luck is in already when she sees how gorgeous you look, so things are already set.

You don’t necessarily need music – that’s up to you, and you might just start with the dance. Tease her and keep to the first golden rule – no touching! No matter how hot you both get, neither of you should touch until the end.

Simply start by doing a slow dance in front of her and gradually removing the first layer of clothing. Unbutton items slowly, unzip even slower and – the second golden rule – keep eye contact at all times. Your eyes are your secret weapon!

Tease her gently by throwing items in her face or on her lap and then when you get to the grand finale of removing your bra and knickers, turn and angle your body seductively to keep the illusion going.

It’s all about slow, sexy and sultry moves. Try to make it last as long as possible and then once you’re ready, she’ll be more than ready for you!

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