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Sex News

Radical Feminists Deny Trans-Women Status

Valentina Sampaio - Victoria's Secret trans model

There is a debate as to whether trans-women – this meaning people who are born identified as male and who then transition – are real women.

People ask about whether they menstruate, whether they could carry children, whether they are really women.

It is said that, while trans-women may identify as women, this is more a fashion choice than a physical reality.

It is said that, while medical intervention, whether through hormone medication or surgery, can achieve an approximation of being a woman, essentially women are women and trans is trans.

On the other hand, trans-women insist that they are women.

This means that, for example, they should have access to women’s locker-rooms.

Critics say that this is a travesty of women’s rights and an act of appropriation which is also threatening.

In the news:

Headline – USA Today: What’s a TERF and why is Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling being called one?

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has faced sharp criticism for recent tweets about gender and sex, which some have deemed transphobic.

Rowling, who has come under fire from the trans community before, tweeted disparagingly about an article with the headline that included the phrase, ‘people who menstruate’ – meaning women – ‘real’ women.

Click to read more….

Headline – Scientist Richard Dawkins is censored for denying trans identities

Quoted text: ‘The American Humanist Association has withdrawn its humanist of the year award from Richard Dawkins, 25 years after he received the honour, criticising the academic and author for “demean[ing] marginalised groups” using “the guise of scientific discourse”.’

Richard Dawkins queried the difference between identifying and actual ‘fact’ – which he might term essential biological fact.

This is not currently in the mainstream of what it is good to say.

Click to read more….

Headline – It was last year that Victoria’s Secret hired their first transgender model Valentina Sampaio (pictured – and click to read more….)

Meanwhile, Gucci presents a promotional video which explores trans gender/sexuality.

This fashion brand may be beyond the pockets of most of us. But we can always dream!

It’s a pretty good set of videos – directed by Gus van Sant no less.

Here is the link…. click!

And finally

Whatever your orientations – note the plural – we The Lovers’ Guide are with you and on your side.

Happy loving! x

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