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Oral Sex Techniques

Oral Sex Techniques | Includes HIV Advice

Oral sex techniques - including HIV and oral sex

Image from the Lovers’ Guide video download Sex Play

Do you find oral sex more intimate than intercourse? Many do. The thought-image of your partner’s face is perhaps the beautiful aspect – there is the person you fell in love with. There is the person you kiss. And the mouth is hugely sensitive, flexible and expressive – though comes with teeth! Our genitals are the number one erogenous zone. And for many women, direct stimulation of the clitoris, orally or with hands or a toy, is their only route to orgasm.

Oral sex techniques

Here are some simple tonguing tips to intensify oral sex. First off, bring your hands into the action. The classic blowjob/handjob and eating out/fingering combos work amazingly, but there is more you can do. For starters, you can, for example, try anal sex play; take the opportunity to explore the backdoor, with fingers or a simple butt plug insertion. Use plenty of lube – whether a commercial product or her natural juices.

Don’t be afraid to add in exploration of your partner’s erogenous zones to intensify pleasure. And, in return, this can get you going too. Hot spots for men include the scrotum and perineum. Erogenous zones for women include the nipples, knees, and mons pubis – the spot above the vagina where pubic hair grows.

If you want to get unconventional sexually, Google the grapefruit technique. This technique involves cutting a hole into a slice of grapefruit and sliding it along the shaft while giving head. Worry not, ladies: fruit along the clit can create a remarkable sensation for you – and a nice oral flavour for your partner. (One to think about next time you order a fruit salad!) More simply, use a vibrator for him or her.

Wild sex play? Or slow sex

While we often think of great sex as wild, often there is nothing more intense than slowing it down. With slow sex, you communicate to your partner that, in this moment, you are in total control of your partner’s sexual pleasure. Have you heard of edging? This requires intimate knowledge of pacing your partner’s pleasure to experience orgasm – as it makes your partner beg for more. As a receiver, it’s nice taking time to feel – to experience everything that’s going on down there. The subtle tease of barely grazing a tongue along the clitoris or frenulum can be heightening and intense.

Slow kisses of your partner’s genitals can be super-sexy and highly arousing. It’s easy to forget how these simple gestures can be so electrifying. Try living life in the slow lane sexually: you might even reach a better destination.

Oral sex outdoors?

Oral sex in bed is great an’ all – and then the element of a surprisingly unconventional location can add much. In the house, spontaneously go down on one another on the dining table or at the kitchen counter. Outdoors, oral sex sounds can be like a living fantasy, whether you’re an exhibitionist or not. Do consider the legality if you’re opting for public fun.

You can also be unconventional with timing. Who likes to be woken up with a moist tongue on their delicate bits? It’s a power move and quite frankly the type of alarm clock many would wish to be woken up by on many a morning. Experiment. Enjoy.

STDs | Can you get HIV from oral sex?

In a word, yes. That said, it is far less likely to transmit the HIV retrovirus through oral sex than through anal sex or (especially rough) vaginal sex. It is, however, a thing. STDs such as syphilis and herpes are probably more transmissible. (Syphilis at the moment is easily cured – with a shot of penicillin. Herpes is with you for life.) The risk of contracting HIV from receiving oral sex is very low. For more information on HIV (which can lead to AIDS) and other sexually transmitted infections, please see the articles under sexual health on this site. Our advice is to enjoy your sex life with a loving partner. Oral sex is, at best, an expression of sexual intimacy. With a loving and committed and faithful sex partner – don’t stray.

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