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Mega Multiple Orgasms – The What And The How

Many advice columns concentrate on helping women achieve one orgasm – let alone multiples. But it turns out that many more women are capable of multiple orgasms than was previously thought. It seems that anywhere between nearly 15 per cent and almost 45 per cent of women are capable of achieving multiple orgasms. Men can get in on the act, too, though for them it is trickier because of the pesky refractory period.

What Is An Orgasm?

Let’s be clear on what an orgasm is. It occurs when a person has a number of involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles and is flooded with feelings of pleasure as they reach a peak of sexual excitement. Studies suggest that, for both genders, the time between the contractions is around one eighth of a second. How many contractions happen per orgasm? – Well, sex researchers, Masters and Johnson, counted from three to fifteen and they can take between three and thirty seconds time for a single orgasm. For multiple orgasms, it requires more than one of these events to occur.

Back in the day (late 1940s/early 50s) when Alfred Kinsey did his groundbreaking study, his researchers found that around 14 per cent of women claimed to be multi-orgasmic. However, by the late 1990s the percentage had risen to nearly 45 per cent. The reason for the rise could well be more liberal attitudes to sex in the 1960s and following decades. There was a major increase is sexual information through such resources as “The Joy of Sex” book and “The Lovers’ Guide” video series. Sex shops opened up on the high street and online – and the internet exploded with sexual material.

For the women who do experience multiple orgasms, most first encountered it during solo sex (it’s a fact that both men and women find climax easier alone than with a partner). Indeed, it would seem to take women from five to fifteen minutes to reach a first orgasm but between half an hour to an hour with a partner. However, then reaching a second orgasm usually takes only a few more minutes of stimulation.

Multi-Orgasmic Women Tend To Be The Sexiest

It is clear that the capability to have multiple orgasms correlates closely with high levels of libido in women. From all the indicators – how often they masturbated and how frequently they had sex – the multi-orgasm women were more highly sexual than the average.

When sex sessions led to multiple orgasms, they said that they responded to a whole range of erotic stimulation – kissing, manual and sex toy arousal, various sex positions and, above all, extensive oral sex. Most further orgasms came easiest from oral sex. Though a majority of the women wanted continuous stimulation of whatever kind between their successive orgasms, around 20 per cent preferred a break of about a minute between their climaxes.

Of the women having multiple orgasms with a partner, half reported their second climax as more powerfully pleasurable than the first. However, those having their multiples during solo sex tended to suggest that their second orgasm felt equal to – or less pleasurable – than their first.

Men Can Be Multi-Orgasmic , Too

It is a big advantage to have a vagina in order to have multiple orgasms over the penis equipped population. This because men have a refractory period where they are physically and psychologically incapable of responding to further sexual stimulation. Despite that, there are ways for men to get in on the act and climax more than once in a row. One technique is through non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm (NEMO), where you don’t release semen so the refractory period is not triggered, or through prostate orgasms. Again, the latter involves stimulating the prostate to an orgasmic sensation without semen being released. Actually, some men can achieve a prostate orgasm without even getting erect. Both methods require lots of practice of taking oneself to the brink then pulling back – and is best done in solo sex sessions-

You really can’t have too much of a good thing when it comes to orgasms. Both sexes intimate lives will benefit massively just from beginning the learning process towards becoming multi-orgasmic. Enjoy the journey!

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