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Lesbian SexLesbian Sex And Relationships

Do Lesbians Have Anal Sex?

Lesbian anal sex

The answer to this, of course, is yes – but not all of them! Anal sex does occur between lesbians more frequently than people think. It is only once you start asking around that you realise it is actually more common than first thought.

Although there are some women who do not like to have penetrative sex of any kind, there are those that enjoy both vaginal and anal sex with either fingers or toys.

The main thing to remember when having anal sex is to use lube, and perhaps even more importantly – to take things slowly!

If you are new to anal sex, it’s advisable to start with one finger. Ensure that you are both relaxed and use a good lube both on your finger and around the entrance to the anus. Gently sliding the finger inside, you will feel where your partner feels comfortable.

You can then gently and slowly move in and out with one finger until you can get to a pleasurable level of enjoyment. It is at this point that you can talk about whether to use more fingers.

It is imperative that your hands are clean before you start and that you wash afterwards to prevent any chance of infection.

There are toys specifically designed for anal sex, which are much smaller and easily handled. You can discuss with your partner the best choice for both of you, and remember that you should just take things easy – and that if either one of you feels uncomfortable, you should stop. With the right choice of lube and dildo, you’re set to have a great time!

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