Illustrated Sex Positions

Try a new sex position – tonight! Brush up your sexual repertoire and discover the best sex positions for men and women. We’ve positions to fit every mood – athletic, unusual and ultimately orgasmic! Whatever position you choose, just remember to do it with passion!

Use this section of the site to learn more about the most basic sex positions, such as the missionary, and learn how you can have better sex with these positions, such that you and your partner experience orgasm every time. And then get brave and explore more advanced sex positions.

All of these sex positions are beautifully demonstrated on the Lovers’ Guide Sex Positions DVD download.

Sex positions for intimacy

There are times when we want to feel skin-on-skin close with our lover, one within the other, maybe writhing or just lazying our way toward orgasm. What are the best sex positions for these times? Do we stick with missionary sex or switch things around a bit and still have maximum contact? Here are some suggestions. Share your own!

Sex positions with sex toys: heating it up for him

According to research, most people only have sex in three different positions: missionary, woman on top and doggie. While mixing up sex positions and trying something new can be great, there is a reason people tend to stick to the positions they know: because they know they work. If you want to get the best of both worlds, and if you want to enhance the positions with which you’re most comfortable, you can try something new with the cunning addition of sex toys. By using sex toys to enhance your usual sex positions, you have the advantage of familiarity with added new sensations and, with any luck, more intense orgasms for both of you.

Best sex positions for deep penetration

Few couples use sex positions for deep penetration every time they make love. Occasionally, however, a couple may wish to experiment with positions that offer especially deep penetration and a whole wealth of new sensations.

Sex positions to enhance female orgasm

I’m fairly sure I have a big enough penis – well, it’s seven and a bit inches from where I like to measure it, and it feels pretty girthy to me – but I don’t seem to be able to make my girlfriends have an orgasm when we’re having sex. I’ve tried the loads of the foreplay thing, tried some sex positions, and I’ve tried giving them an orgasm first, etc, etc. I want to cum together when we’re having sex. Is there some position I could use to make this happen?

Using toys to enhance sex positions for her

Generally speaking, men find it much easier to climax during sex than women do. While it’s all well and good to go with the ‘ladies first’ approach, that isn’t always feasible in a long term relationship. Sometimes, you want the comfort of sex and mutual orgasm without having to spend hours on foreplay beforehand; and sometimes you want hot, fast sex without having to think about anything other than the passion of the moment. This is where a sex toy or two can come in handy.

Exploring anal sex positions

The doggy-style sex position is my visual favourite, but my biggest fantasy now is about trying anal sex with my wife. What can I do to make this happen?

Your sex positions tips: tell us more!!

Which sex positions do you most enjoy? Guys and girls, do you find you like to compromise at times, because you each have your favourites? Or are there different sex positions you most love, depending on the time of the day or maybe the mood? And how do you get the most from the positions you most enjoy? (Have you watched the Lovers’ Guide Sexual Positions feature? We’re hoping so!!) Share your thoughts. Email the Lovers’ Guide team. To download the Lovers’ Guide to Sexual Positions, click through here.

Your sex positions advice: you’ve told us

You’ve responded in high style to our first call for you to share your sex advice – and it’s great to hear of such varied and vibrant love lives. Here’s a taste of what you’ve sent in so far.

Man-on-top sex positions: enhancing the missionary position

Man-on-top sex positions aren’t always passive for the woman. With many variations on the ‘missionary’ position, the woman can control the depth of penetration and set the pace for intercourse.

Rear-entry sex positions

Of all the rear-entry sex positions, the ‘doggy’ position is almost certainly the best known. But with imagination, the loving couple can find others that are even more stimulating.