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Illustrated Sex Positions & Techniques

Advanced Woman-On-Top Sex Positions

Woman-on-top sex positions

For the woman who likes to take the lead in love, woman-on-top moves are ideal – the more advanced sex positions do not always allow her as much control, but they do allow for penetration in new ways.

Probably the biggest advantage of woman-on-top sex positions is that the woman herself can control the proceedings. Yet, in a number of the more ‘advanced’ sex positions, this is not the case. In fact, many of them allow very little room for movement or penetration at all. Despite this, they all have several points to recommend them.

They show the man that his partner is willing to be inventive in lovemaking and, for the woman, some of the positions produce novel pelvic sensations for added arousal that cannot be achieved in any other way.

Just how worthwhile such relatively uncomfortable positions are for any one woman is clearly up to her. Perhaps even a few minutes in one of these positions would be enough to stimulate a part of her pelvis so as to arouse her.

Most of the positions are restful for the man. They are also very good for the woman who wants to use her pelvic muscles to stimulate the man while he is inside her. This can be combined with squirming movements of the pelvis and even perhaps some rotation of the pelvis. All of this is extremely attractive to the man who greatly enjoys his penis being ‘used’ by his partner for her personal and private pleasure.

Some women greatly enjoy having a finger, vibrator or dildo in their anus as they are being penetrated vaginally in one of these positions. For the woman who cannot actually make this happen in practice, even the fantasy of it in one of these positions can enhance her enjoyment of the act.

A cautionary note

When adopting one of the positions in which the man stimulates the woman’s anus, he must never put a finger that has been inside her anus into her vagina. This can cause a transfer of bacteria that can produce a urinary infection.

Trial and error

As with all lovemaking positions, experiment with what you think might work and, if it produces pleasant sensations for either one of you, share your feelings and pleasure with your partner. Often, such athletic positions do not produce benefits on a par with the effort and discomfort that they involve. Do not persevere if any position hurts or annoys your partner. Go back to one of your tried-and-tested ones and perhaps try one of these more unusual ones another day when the woman is at a different part of her menstrual cycle, is more aroused, or when you both want some fun before actually getting down to making love in one of your favourite positions.

Just because a particular position does not do much for either or both of you on any one day, it does not mean that you will never get anything out of it. Try it again and see what, if anything, becomes arousing or simply enjoyable.

Advanced positions

The woman who is hesitant or shy about taking the lead in lovemaking should first experiment with woman-on-top sex positions which allow her partner to hold her. If she sits astride her man, facing forward, for example, she can lean forward and he can cuddle, kiss and caress her as they make love.

Once she has become more used to these positions, she can try the more inventive and athletic woman-on-top positions. Many of these are difficult to maintain for long but they can produce new and different sensations.

  • The man lies flat on his back on the bed with his bottom on the edge and his legs supported on a chair. The woman stands astride his closed legs and inserts his penis into her vagina. She then learns forwards, facing away from him, to lie on his legs, supporting most of her weight on her feet and forearms.

This is exceptionally good for the man who finds his partner’s bottom stimulating to look at while making love. If the couple enjoy it, it is very easy to stimulate her anus and buttocks, and the man can, by simply looking down, watch as his penis penetrates her.

Movement is not all that good unless he pushes her bottom up and down with his hands. Anything else is very tiring for her unless she has strong legs. She can kiss his feet and stroke her breasts across his lower legs to add pleasure to the whole position. The man is, of course, virtually pinned down and can do almost nothing in the way of thrusting. This can be good for the woman who wants a lot of bottom stimulation and her anus played with.

On a chair
  • The man sits on a chair with his legs apart. The woman kneels on the seat of the chair with her legs either side of his pelvis and her back to him and sits on his penis. She then leans forwards to support herself on his knees with her hands. He holds her around the waist and cannot only steady her in this rather unstable position but can also, to some extent, control penetration by pulling her on to his penis or pushing her further off it.

Movement is not very good and penetration is poor, but short jabbing motions are possible and some women greatly enjoy this. Once again the woman’s bottom is very much on show and the man can closely watch his penis penetrating her.

The position is, however, rather tiring on the woman’s arms. A way round this is for her to lean right forward to rest her hands on the floor between his feet. She can even rest her forehead on the floor on a pillow. The man’s penis now enters her at a very different angle and the change can be exciting for the woman.

Obviously the woman cannot caress her clitoris, and neither can her man, so the woman is unlikely to experience a clitoral orgasm in this position. It can nevertheless provide a change once in a while for the agile and supple couple.

  • The man lies on his back and pulls his legs right back on to his chest. The woman pulls his penis out and downwards between his legs and sits on it with her back to his legs. He can rest his legs on her back to support both his legs and hers and she can support her weight by resting her hands on his thighs.

Very little movement is possible but she can, as in all these restricted movement positions, contract her pelvic muscles and wriggle her bottom about to stimulate them both.

Not many couples will be able to sustain this position for long because it places a strain on the man and many men find it uncomfortable or even painful.

For pregnancy
  • Another woman-on-top position is particularly suitable for the pregnant woman. The man lies flat on his back on the bed and the woman kneels over his pelvis, facing away from him. She inserts his penis and sits on it. Now she leans right back and lies on his chest. In that position, he can caress her whole body and especially her breasts and can reach down to stimulate her clitoris.

The only tiring part about this position is that many women find that their legs and knees become strained, but this can be overcome slightly by lifting their knees off the bed a little.

Penetration is not deep but the penis is forced into the front wall of the vagina quite hard and this can be pleasant for the woman who likes her G-spot stimulated during intercourse. The couple can kiss and her body is very open to caresses but she can do little herself to please her man. The penis slips out very easily in women whose vaginal opening is high up in the front of their pelvis.

For most couples, this will be a transitional position that they can adopt during the run-up to the final lovemaking position in which their orgasms will occur. It is, nevertheless, worth trying from time to time, especially for the breast-centred woman who likes her nipples and breasts caressed.

  • This position is somewhat tiring but fun for a change during a lovemaking session. The man lies on his back on the edge of the bed with his feet and lower legs on a chair. The woman sits on his penis facing him and with her legs on either side of his chest. She leans back and supports herself with her hands on the arms of the chair.

Not much movement is possible like this and penetration is not especially good. The man can watch his penis entering her and he can lift up a little to increase penetration, but the fact that she is supporting her weight so much on her arms can be tiring. The man can reach in between her legs to stimulate her clitoris, but many women will need to be highly aroused in advance if they are to have an orgasm from this position because they will be unable to keep the weight on their arms for very long.

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