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Illustrated Sex Positions & Techniques

The Boosted Missionary Sex Position

Boosted missionary sex position

This sex position, in which the man is on top, is fairly simple and allows for deeper penetration than the standard missionary position. To achieve this position, the woman lies on her back, as with missionary, but also bends her knees. The man lies on top, supporting his weight on his arms, and enters her. The woman then places her feet on his thighs or buttocks.

It’s good for men because though you don’t have as much control over the motion as in the traditional missionary position, it feels more effective when your partner bends her legs. It’s good for women because if you put your feet behind your partner, it pushes him forward against you making it more pleasurable.

Caution: This sex position can be uncomfortable if the man is heavy, so if that’s the case, he should take more of his weight on his arms (hands and/or elbows) and feet. A woman on top position or variation where less of the man’s weight rests on the woman may be more pleasurable for you both. Be careful if the man has a bad back as the pressure may be too much.

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