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Sex Play | Foreplay

Wet ‘N Wild: Super Shower Sex

Shower sex is a great fantasy for many – but often clumsy and impracticable in actuality. Remember ‘slippery when wet’ – accidents are anything but sexy. Make sure you have gripping shower mats – and make use of any handle your cubicle may have. For some positions, it’s fun to have a footstand to adjust the height between you.

Get the temperature and pressure right. You might want to vary it as you shift positions. Afetr all, if you’re going to have shower sex, one whole point is to use the water as an erotic asset. Water on the genitals can feel great in itself – but be careful not to direct the jet directly into the vagina. Also, remember that water isn’t lube – so if you want to include some take a tube of silicone-based lube in with you.

As with all sex, you would do well to work up to penetration, not go straight for that. All foreplay moves are there for including manual stimulation and oral sex. For oral, have the person receiving stand with the water hitting their back. The giver kneels or squats in front of them whilst they pleasure their partner.

For penetrative positions a good face to face one has one partner standing with other leaning against the wall for support and wraps one or both of their legs around their partner. Keep the water streaming on your bodies and away from your face. It’s deeply intimate and passionate, allowing safe, vigorous sex and fairly deep penetration.

Facing away is the standing doggy style. The person in front faces the shower wall and bends at the waist with hands on the wall or shower handle for support. The person behind grips their partner’s hips and enters from the rear. The rear person can fondle the genitals of the front one – or use the shower head on them for great stimulation.

You could also try seated sex – where one partner sits of the shower floor with their partner sitting on top. You can then have whatever sex your wishes and genitalia allow (note: we have tried to keep the sex partners in this not essentially hetero binary..).

Shower sex can also offer an opportunity to explore anal play – especially for people who may have cleanliness concerns. For that, you should certainly take the silicon lube in with you. In the early days take it slowly and ensure the receiving partner is comfortable and consensual.

Finally, shower sex can be a great finisher after, say, giving one – or one another- an erotic massage. Or you could be cleaning up after eating food off one another’s naked bodies – or any other messy fantasy. Stay balanced, keep the soap out of your eyes and make shower safe the hugely pleasurable joy it can be.

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