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Lesbian RelationshipsLesbian Sex And Relationships

Open Relationships Among Lesbians

Lesbian open relationships

Why is it totally surprising that lesbians should engage in open relationships and shy away from commitment? Many lesbians and bisexual women are now choosing to be more independent, contrary to the age-old stereotypes.

The old joke goes something like this: ‘What does a lesbian take on her second date? Answer: A removal van’. These days, however, it’s more likely that they’ll be taking their little black book just in case that date doesn’t work out.

Whilst on the surface it may seem that lesbians are now a bit slack on the morals front, it is actually encouraging to see women take more control over their relationships and sex lives. By being in control of what you want from life, this is actually encouraging greater self-respect and a more focused attitude that helps you build confidence.

Lesbians and bisexual women are tending now to follow their straight counterparts in terms of being highly selective about settling down. Having high standards is so much more attractive than settling for the first thing that comes along.

There are just a couple of rules to remember if this sounds like your idea of heaven when it comes to dating the gay man’s way:

If you want to have a no-commitment relationship with another girl, you must always be honest with her from the start. Some women assume that once you have slept together a couple of times, you are girlfriends. You should explain right from the start that you are not looking for commitment, and are just dating. Some women may find this hard to understand, whilst others may embrace your decision and ultimately the relationship will work out to be a more committed and happy one in the long run.

Don’t have unsafe sex. If you are sleeping with a number of different women, you must always practice safe sex. The worst thing you can give anyone is an STI, and knowing the small lesbian world, word will also get around which will hamper any chance of meeting girls!

Never get involved with couples. If you are messing around with girls who are in relationships, you are bound to get into all sorts of trouble. It may seem like a thrill at first, but inevitably it will come back to haunt you somewhere along the line.

Keep an open mind. You may not be looking for a relationship, but you shouldn’t close yourself off to people and only have sex with them. Building up a friendship with the girls you sleep with could lead to something more special and take you by surprise.

Have self-respect. Be sure to do things that only you are happy with and don’t just sleep with other women for the sake of it. Just because you aren’t committed to someone else, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be committed to yourself. It’s not a race to see who can sleep with the most women, just take your time, go with what feels right and enjoy yourself. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else, then all will work out fine.

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