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Sex Play | Foreplay

Sex Toys For Boys | Solo Masturbation And Shared Play

Sex toys men - fleshlite

Image by Lovehoney: Click for more male sex toys..

Male sex toys LovehoneyWhen we think of sex toys, we usually think of the whole range of products available for women. Certainly there are far fewer available for male pleasure but that doesn’t mean that the ones there are don’t give majorly heightened pleasure. Some are for enhancing solo stimulation and masturbation techniques; others are for use with a partner.

Solo Sex Toys For Men

Starting with the ‘just for him’ is the masturbation sleeve, the best known of which is the Fleshlight.  It is made of cyberskin and looks like a vagina or anus fitted into an oversize flashlight/torch. This group of toys has burgeoned over the years. Where they began as something you’d just use in place of your hand to jerk off to its rhythmic squeezes, there are now ones using all sorts of pulses that work on the penis to create new heights of sexual pleasure.

Anal plugs, or butt plugs, are the perfect way for men of any orientation to experiment with anal sex play. They can be used solo or whilst having other forms of sex with a partner. They are devices specially designed in many varieties to insert into your ass (rectum).

Male Sex Toys For Beginners

There are beginner sex toys, advanced ones, rigid dildo-ish or vibrating ones and can be made of silicone, glass or metal. One thing they should all have in common is a specially flared base so that you will not lose them once you’ve gone beyond the second sphincter and into the lower bowel. You don’t want get anything lost up there!

Beginners should start with a smaller sex toy. This is ‘size matters’ in the opposite sense. Next you should realize that the anus is not self-lubricating, so you need to use plenty of lube before attempting to insert anything in there. Newbies should start slowly and carefully. You should push out a little (as if having a bowel movement) so that your sphincters relax and expand to allow the butt-plug or dildo to enter.

 The Prostate Gland And Male Sex Toys

One of the major pleasures comes from stimulating the prostate gland (often called the male G-Spot) found on the front wall of the lower bowel. That can lead to a mighty orgasm in itself. Look for toys that are specially designed for massaging the prostate. More sophisticated toys have remote controls that can adjust the vibration patterns or the angle and depth by remote control. Many men use butt plugs whilst having other forms of sex with a partner.

For solo or duo use is the anal bead device. This is usually made of silicone and has a series of beads along it. This is inserted into the anus and usually drawn out as the man reaches orgasm.

Sex Toys For Two

Cock rings are meant to fit around the base of the penis – though in some cases the testicles, too – and are the most usual introduction to sex toys for men. There are two kinds, those that help maintain a strong erection the other that help stimulate the clitoris of a female partner (vibrating or still). The first kind – usually made of silicone, rubber or leather – works by reducing the blood flow out of the erect penis, making it bigger, harder and longer lasting.

The second kind of cock-ring also work to keep your erection hard but have a protrusion or small vibrator on top that stimulate the clitoris during penetration. They can be used for anal play, too. There are even versions that combine a cock ring with a vibrating butt plug to really up the sensations.

BDSM And Sex Toys

Beyond these various toys is the whole world of BDSM involving blindfolds handcuffs, ropes, whips, nipple clamps, paddles and so on. After 50 Shades… many have ventured into the area of kinky stimulation. Turns out that around half of all people have had some kind of freaky sex some time, and a whopping 84% say they would like more kink in their sex lives. Talk it through with a partner and choose from any number of accessories available for BDSM sex play.

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