Sex And Disability

How to initiate sex when you are disabled

Initiating sex can be extremely difficult when you have a disability. However knowledgeable, confident and sexy you are, the fear that someone you fancy might be put off by your naked body can be overwhelming. This fear can make you feel vulnerable and defeatist, which should not and need not be the case.

Enjoying sex when you have a disability

There are many, many fabulous ways to enjoy sex – desire, masturbation, a deep relationship, online flirting, erotica, striptease, outdoor sex, threesomes and group sex. Just writing this article is giving me enormous satisfaction and fulfillment, hoping that I am conveying to you information and tips that can make your life more sexy and happy – it is, in its own way, a sexual act.

How to find a partner when you are disabled

Finding a partner is said to be the most difficult thing for many disabled people. There seem to be so many hurdles to overcome, it is called “The Big Step”.

Having a partner who is or becomes disabled

Obviously, disabled people can make wonderful partners. In fact, it is quite common, when a person whose disabled partner dies, for them to seek out another disabled partner. As in any relationship, there can be problems and these can be solved with good communication, openness and love.

How to enjoy a sexual relationship when you have a disability

Many disabled people are over the moon when they eventually find somebody, because the struggle to do so has been so enormous. They cherish each other and every moment of time they spend having sex. They work hard to make it as good as possible. And many succeed in having a really beautiful life together.

Some difficulties faced by disabled person in today’s society

There are many different kinds of disabled people and many kinds of disability, all with their own different social and sexual problems, so forgive any generalisations and things that don’t apply to you. This has been written for readers who don’t know many disabled people, to let them know some of the things some disabled people have to put up with, find out how great disabled people can be as lovers, and learn more about how to make things better.