Woman Almost Dies From Stroke Triggered By Oral Sex..

A British woman had to go to the hospital after an intense impending orgasm triggered a stroke. According to a new report from the British Medical Journal, the unidentified 44-year-old woman suffered a “transient loss of consciousness (TLOC)” while receiving oral sex from her partner. After the woman was unconscious for two to three minutes after the sex, her partner got nervous and took her to the emergency room at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. Once there, the man told doctors his partner’s body had gone stiff during their session. The woman told doctors she had a headache that she described as a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale. At first, doctors believed, based on the symptoms, that the woman had suffered a seizure. Upon further inspection, the doctors came to believe she had suffered a reflex-mediated syncope (a blackout caused by a sudden lack of blood supply to the brain) that was related to the sexual activity she had enjoyed before the incident. On closer history taking, the patient reported nearing orgasm while receiving oral sex from her partner before losing consciousness…

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