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Asexual People Treated Badly By Medical Providers..

A 2014 survey of 86 asexual-identified people found asexual individuals have a distrust of the medical community, anticipating negative responses or dismissal from their providers upon disclosure of their asexuality. This is unsurprising, given reports of health care providers invalidating

After Kavanaugh Win, Trump Admin To Roll Back Transgender Rights..

The Trump administration is considering a possible rollback of Obama-era recognitions and protections that broadened the definition of gender, according to a report Sunday. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is looking into establishing the legal definition of

Why Some Corrections Officers Have Sex With Inmates..

News articles detailing inappropriate relationships between inmates and prison workers crop up with more regularity than you might expect. Corrections officers (COs) and social workers, with the most frequent contact, are at highest risk.  But anyone can get caught up in a

A Quarter Of Millennials Think Marriage Should Be A Renewable Contract..

Marriage should be treated like a mobile phone contract and have a renewal date, a quarter of the under-25s in a poll believe. A new ComRes poll for the Coalition for Marriage has revealed that traditional views of marriage are

Nearly 100 More Women Accuse Former USC Gynecologist Of Sex Abuse..

Nearly 100 women who contend that they were sexually harassed or abused by a former University of Southern California gynecologist are suing the school, contending it ignored decades of complaints. “I am part of an accidental sisterhood of hundreds of

Judge: Hollywood PD Should Not Have Arrested Men In Gay Sex Club..

A Broward County judge has now confirmed that the Hollywood Police Department ruined the lives of ten gay men for absolutely no reason at all. On July 26, Hollywood PD raided a gay-cruising hangout and arrested eight men allegedly caught

People Who Laugh At Themselves Make Better Lovers..

Laughs are usually the last thing you want to hear while your clothes are off, but a new study in the Journal of Research in Personality might have you chasing chuckles in the buff. While just about everyone says they

Doctors Know Little Of Sexual Health For Sex Ed Barely Taught In Medical School..

The state of sex education is poor for American adolescents—but you probably already knew that. However, what you may not have realized is that the state of sex education for US medical students isn’t all that great, either. This is

Science Gives You Permission To Have Sex With Your Ex..

The theory goes that if you have sex with an ex after a breakup, you’re instantly undoing all the hard work you’ve put in to get closure and move on, making breaking up even harder than it needs to be.

New Podcast Explores What It Means To Be LBGTQ+ In 2018..

A brand new podcast will explore what it means to be LGBTQ in 2018 through a series of discussions. Co-hosted by Alexis Caught and Christania McPherson, Qmmunity will explore conversations that need to be brought to the forefront of our community, bringing together