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Women Are Most Body-Confidant At Age 31 – But Still Low..

According to research from Great Lengths, who quizzed just over 2,000 women, the age at which women feel the most confident is 31. So if you’re still feeling a bit sh*t about all the photos you had to untag of

Gay Priest Says Need For Revolution In Church Of England After Losing Appeal..

A gay priest blocked from working as a hospital chaplain after marrying his partner has stressed the “need for revolution” in the Church of England. Canon Jeremy Pemberton said LGBT people “continue to wait for real change” in the Church’s

Tearful Playboy Bunny, Karen McDougal, Apologizes To Melania For Affair With Trump..

Karen McDougal, the former Playboy Playmate who alleges she had an affair with President Trump, tearfully apologized to Melania Trump because of the guilt she feels in ‘sleeping with her husband’ just months after she gave birth to their only

Number One Sex Toy Is Kegel Ball – And Has health Benefits For Women..

Sex toys are still a taboo subject for some, but not many know that as well as providing sexual pleasure, they’re also good for women’s health. The humble kegel ball came into most people’s lives thanks to the Fifty Shades

Woman Who Gave Stranger Blow Job On A Train Reveals Why..

A woman has revealed what prompted her to perform oral sex on a stranger while on a train. Chantelle Gordon has been identified as the woman who engaged in sexual activity with Shane Brennan on a train in Port Kembla,

DNA Discovered That Could Be Responsible For Gender Identity..

Genetic variants that may play a role in gender identity have been discovered in new research carried out by scientists in the US. A team at Augusta University sequenced the DNA of 14 female-to-male and 16 male-to-female transgender people to

Trump Administration Cancels Many Sex-Ed Programs..

“The Trump administration’s abrupt cancellation of a federal program to prevent teen pregnancy last year was directed by political appointees over the objections of career experts in the Department of Health and Human Services, which administers the program, according to

Sex Workers Need Workplace Regulations To Improve Safety..

Sex workers, many of whom work indoors, are enterprising and vigilant when it comes to protecting themselves against exploitation, assault or robbery. They set a relaxing atmosphere, insist on a no-drugs rule, keep self-defence tools at the ready and maintain

Stormy Daniels Lie Detector Test Says She Told The Truth About Affair With Trump..

Stormy Daniels has passed a polygraph test about her affair with Donald Trump. According to a polygraph test conducted in 2011 and obtained by CBS News, the porn actress was found to be telling the truth about her claim that

‘God-Hates-Fags’ Church Picketed Gay Teen – But His Entire School Drowned Them Out..

Hundreds of pro-LGBT protesters turned up to drown out the Westboro Baptist Church, when they decided to target a gay high school footballer. Jake Bain, a popular footballer at John Burroughs School in St. Louis, Missouri, came out publicly as