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Empty Nesters Are Having ‘More Adventurous’ Sex..

When their children are grown and flown, what will parents do with their lives? One thing they intend to do is have sex. A survey by dating app Lumen found that respondents – both single and those in a relationship – plan to have sex until they

One In Three Aussie Men Think Rape Victims Just Regret Having Sex..

One in seven young Australians think a man can force a woman to have sex if she initiated it but then changed her mind, a new survey has found. It found one in three men believe women who say they

Man’s Oral Sex Skills Lead To Woman Suffering Stroke..

Sex can be a complicated thing, but for the most part, it’s rarely dangerous. However, for a British couple, oral sex resulted in a life-threatening situation that landed one of the two people involved in the hospital for 15 days.

Sir Elton John Proud ‘Rocketman’ Doesn’t Shy Away From His Gay Sexuality..

Sir Elton John is glad Rocketman doesn’t shy away from portraying his sexuality on-screen. The gay music icon is happy about the sex scene in the surreal biopic between a young Elton and manager John Reid, played by Taron Egerton

Porn Addiction Is Not A Diagnosable Condition But People Still Struggle..

While compulsive porn use may not be a diagnosable addiction by the DSM’s standards, there’s no doubt that for some, it’s a real issue with potentially serious and negative consequences. But how do you know when porn use has crossed

The Masturbation ‘Death-Grip’ Can Mess With Regular Sex..

Haven’t heard of “death grip?” That’s OK. Not many people have, despite it being a widespread masturbation practice amongst penis-having people, far and wide. And not only widespread, but dangerous. Not in the life-threatening sense, but in the can-mess-with-your-life-and-be-super-annoying sense.

Women Have Abortions For Many Reasons Outside Of Rape And Incest..

The reasons why women get abortions are varied and personal. For some, it was because they were victims of rape or incest. Some were in abusive relationships and others weren’t ready to be mothers.After several states passed restrictive abortion legislation,

It’s 2019 Yet Politicians Still Equate Same-Sex Marriage With Pedophilia..

Back before the U.S. legalized marriage equality in 2015, conservative politicians would warn that it would lead to pedophilia and man-on-dog marriage (right, Rick Santorum?). Of course, these hateful predictions never materialized. But even though American conservatives have mostly stopped

Percentages Of Pre-Teen Boys Who Are Having Sex..

Researchers Lindberg and associates note that having sex before age 13 delivers the message that we need “early, inclusive, and comprehensive sex education as well as sexual and reproductive health care to male children and adolescents.” Yet, the “developmental needs

PornHub Creates ‘Bonerless’ Bathing Suit That Hides Beach Erections..

Pornhub understands that being swole at the beach isn’t always a good thing. In a marketing stunt that taps into a very real, very awkward summer problem, the porn site launched a “Bonerless Bathing Suit” that purportedly “camouflages” and “conceals”