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Perfect foreplayOur thanks for the advice and stories you’ve sent in so far about your perfect foreplay techniques. Here’s a sample of what you’ve said – and we think there’s much more experience you have to share with other Lovers’ Guide visitors. Tell us more!

Ice is a perennially favourite accompaniment to lovemaking. One Lovers’ Guide visitor writes: ‘I tried the ice thing… It is AMAZING!!!! I recommend that to anyone. Guys, you don’t always have to be gentle… And tease us a little!’

Guys, take note! Ice also rates highly in this visitor’s experience of great foreplay: ‘Give your partner a nice massage with ice-cubes and a blindfold. Blindfold your partner and whisper “I love you” or a little something in their ears to let them know that they’re safe. Massage their whole body then bring the ice to a halt at their belly button. Lift the ice up and let it drip all over the body. Move slowly and quietly whisper sweet things in their ears. Once you whisper these things let them know what you most like. Put your lips next to his/hers.’ It sounds good to us! One note of caution: do make sure that the ice is melting to the touch; else it could stick to the skin and burn. Read more: sex and ice.

When it comes to great oral sex, when he is receiving, it’s great to take a detour from the penis to lick and caress the perineum and anus. As this visitor writes: ‘I like it best when my partner goes “around the world” while giving me oral sex. I love having my balls and bum licked – and the ridge in between. It’s like someone else is totally taking control of your pleasure and all you have to do is lie back and moan. It’s strange, but this actually helps me last longer when having sex. There is less immediacy. It’s also a richer feeling when we do have sex.’

And when the roles change and the woman is on the receiving end, try this: ‘I like it when he’s spelling my name on and around my clitoris with his tongue. That’s what he says he’s doing! It feels good to me!’

One visitor speaks of the importance of communication about sex: ‘My partner and I speak frankly about what we like and want. It was funny at first being so direct but it’s made us both more confident. And it’s helped me know I can really trust him in matters sexual. “Say it like it is.” Recommended.’ If you need advice on how to communicate about sex with your partner, try this article: let’s talk about sex.

Mirror Image from Australia is certainly proud of what he has: ‘My wife enjoys watching me when I masturbate. My penis is quite good looking and is 71/2″ long when erect and about 3″ in girth. I intensely enjoy standing in front of a mirror that is angled upwards from the floor, with my legs spread so that she and I can view my anus, plus my hanging ball sack and hanging penis. I especially enjoy that intense, engorged, full feeling I get in the penis as a whole when my penis tissues are full of blood and hard as a piece of bone. I gently fondle my ball sack with one hand, separating each ball slowly and gently rolling and squeezing each ball, both of us enjoying the sight in the mirror of my ball sac being fondled. When the fluid starts dripping onto the mirror, I encircle my penis shaft with my hand and gently, and very slowly, start rubbing and stroking the shaft up and down to make my penis grow even harder and longer – and try not touching the head because my “cum hole” by then, is wide open and dripping “cum fluid” and would start to jet out sperm before I am ready, as my penis head by then is very sensitive to touch.’

If you like using mirrors in your sex play, write in and tell us about what you do. And for more suggestions, have a read of this article: mirrors and sex.

Tim takes us back to the theme of water: ‘For foreplay, my fiance and I take a shower together, wash each other down, then get out. We get into bed with nothing on and watch some TV. While watching TV, I start to tease her by lightly running my hand up and down her body, avoiding touching her “naughty” bits. Then I blindfold her and start kissing up and down her body again. I avoid touching her “naughty” bits until she can’t take anymore and tells me to lick her while in the 69 position so she can play with my penis. Then, when we get to the height of pleasure, we make love.’ Read more: sex and water.

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