Women Still Facing Heartbreaking Difficulties Hiding Periods At Work..

The road to the period revolution is lined with pads. And tampons. When they’re available, that is. Having a job and having a period are two realities for many people, and the experiences come with trials and tribulations ― especially when they happen at the same time. There’s the feeling of walking to a bathroom with a tampon hidden in your sleeve, the nightmarish process of crumpling up a wad of toilet paper to use as makeshift protection in a pinch and the agony of dealing with cramps in a workplace that lacks empathy. In an effort to facilitate an open and honest conversation about the state of having a period at work looks like today, HuffPost heard dozens of stories from women ― some heartbreaking, some hilarious ― that make it apparent that, despite some instances of accessibility and openness about menstruation, there is still a long way to go, just follow the link below…

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