Woman-on-top sex positions

Woman-on-top sex positions: The Lap-Rock

On top and in control – exhibitionists don’t do it any other way! Stimulating all the senses, this sex position is forever one of the favourites.

For the woman who likes to take the initiative and the man who enjoys watching his partner as they make love, woman-on-top sex positions cannot be beaten. And with deep penetration as an added bonus, they can increase the sexual pleasure for both partners in any loving relationship by adding new sensations to your lovemaking.

Almost all men say that, on some occasions at least, they like to have the initiative taken away from them and, just as some women feel flattered to be taken with great ardour, so it is also true that many men like to be ‘taken’ by their female partner in this way.

Increasing arousal

Before penetration, it can be fun for both if the woman teases a little. She can hold her lover’s penis firmly, masturbating him while touching her vagina with the tip of it. She can also use it to stimulate her clitoris and her vaginal lips before any actual penetration. Play this game until neither of you can, nor wants to, hold back any longer.

Control is one of the first reasons women give when stating a preference for the woman-on-top sex positions. Once the penis enters the vagina, the woman is in control of it in a way she cannot ever be when being penetrated in any other way.

Angle and rhythm

Once in position, the woman can change the angle and rhythm of penetration as she pleases, by rocking backwards and forwards and from side to side, swivelling her pelvis or moving up and down.

She can also lean forward to kiss her lover, sit up while he runs his hands over her body, reach to stroke his scrotum or anus, or lean back to let his penis push against her G-spot on the front wall of her vagina.

But most importantly she can alter the depth of penetration to suit herself and her lover.

Gentle movements

Many women find that if they are in a position where they are leaning backwards, they can only move their hips very slightly. But small, rhythmic movements of the pelvis can give you both entirely different sensations. The temptation to continue in a thrusting motion is a strong one, but slow, gentle movements in this position can prolong the lovemaking and lead to a deeply satisfying climax for both.

It is very easy to stimulate the woman’s clitoris in this position. The woman can squat or lie to bring it into contact with the man’s pubic bone and then move her hips to rub against him, or it can be slowly and carefully caressed by hand.

The basic woman-on-top sex position begins with the man lying flat on his back. The woman kneels astride his body, facing his head, and gently guides his penis inside her. By moving her body up and down she can control both the speed and depth of penetration and her hands are free to caress him. He can handle her body and breasts and he can see his penis going into her.

From this position, the woman can lean forwards so that her breasts rest on her lover’s chest or over his face. This reduces the range of her movement, but she can still raise and lower her hips over the penis while her partner is able to bury his face between her breasts and lick and suck her nipples.

It can be easy for the man’s penis to slip out of the woman when she leans forward in this way. However, if she keeps her movements small and shallow, or simply presses herself firmly down on his penis and then circles her hips around the base instead of using sliding movements up and down the shaft, there should not be a problem.

woman_on_top_sex_positionsMost men love the rich curves of a woman’s
bottom and this is one way to appreciate them
to the full, while also watching their penis
going into their lover.


Facing away

The other basic woman-on-top sex position is for the woman to kneel astride the man’s penis, but facing away from him. This offers deep penetration and allows him to caress her back, the lower region of her body and her anus. He can watch his penis going in and out of her, especially if she leans forward, and she can stimulate her clitoris with one hand.

Facing away from the man can be as sensuous as facing towards him, as in this position the woman can caress his testicles and inner thighs. The athletic can swivel around from a facing position on his erect penis. This can be a whole new pleasure for both.

When the woman is facing away, the man can touch and squeeze the full curve of her buttocks and run his fingers over and around her anus.


Many men find it highly erotic to watch themselves entering the woman, and of course this position offers the perfect view. It is also good for deep penetration and for stimulating the female G-spot, which is on the front wall of the vagina.

Of course, in this position the couple cannot watch each other’s facial reactions, and the man cannot always handle the woman’s breasts during lovemaking. But this need not be a disadvantage for a couple; it is simply a matter of choosing to experience different sensations for different times and moods.

In either of the basic woman-on-top sex positions – woman facing man, woman facing away – there are delightful variations. The woman can kneel, squat or sit with her legs out straight. If she wants the sensation of more contact, she can lie stretched out on top of the man and feel his skin along the full length of her body.

She can also sit sideways on her lover’s penis and bring his leg up between hers and towards her chest. This is a particularly good position for couples who enjoy the sensation of deep penetration.

Watching and listening

As always when making love, take care to watch or listen to your lover’s reactions. This way you will quickly find out what pleases each of you and how you can best work to increase each other’s pleasure, arousal and satisfaction. If her lover is uncircumcised, she can gently push back his foreskin as far as it will go and then move up and down on the exposed head of his penis. This is easier from a squatting position, which is tiring to hold but it gives a man intense pleasure and can make him come very quickly. Penetration is obviously quite shallow, so this may be less exciting for the couple.

For deep penetration, another idea is for her to take him fully inside her and then pulse her fingertips fast against the base of his penis, with the heel of her hand resting on her lower stomach. If she positions her fingers so that they vibrate her clitoris at the same time, it can be intensely exciting for both.

In many lovemaking positions, the woman’s movements are restricted. Most woman-on-top positions, however, offer her more freedom to move as she pleases. She can even change positions mid-way through the lovemaking, still keeping her partner’s penis inside her.

Making love with the woman on top allows you
to use your imagination in a variety of sex
positions. You can also enjoy some really erotic


Making it last

If the man does not want to come too quickly, woman-on-top sex positions are good for practising delayed ejaculation – especially useful for men who sometimes suffer from premature ejaculation.

A man’s erection and ejaculation reflexes are slowed down when he is on his back and there is time to use the special ‘squeeze technique’ of preventing ejaculation. If he feels he is coming too soon, he can signal to the woman who can take his penis out and squeeze the top of the glans firmly between her fingers until he begins to lose his erection. She can then re-arouse him and they can continue making love.


Woman-on-top sex positions are ideal during pregnancy. There is no pressure on the woman’s stomach and it is easy for her to make sure that the depth and the speed of penetration are comfortable. The man can see and touch her new, full shape, and this kind of gentle, tender lovemaking can be highly arousing for both partners. In this way, intercourse can be possible almost entirely throughout the pregnancy.

Woman-on-top sex positions are also useful if the man is recovering from a serious illness or surgery, or the woman has recently given birth, because the woman can relax, knowing that her partner will not overdo things.

It is also important to remember that everyone is built differently. Some women’s genitals are set very much more forward than others’. This brings the penis into contact with the clitoris in a different way and means that deep penetration for one couple will be shallow for another. As with all sex positions, experimentation is the key, and with a little imagination you will soon find out what suits you both.


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