Woman-On-Top Sex Positions : Sofa Sex

Illustrated Sex Positions: Woman-on-Top: The SlingThe comfy sofa is a great place for exploring seated woman-on-top sex positions. It’s where a lot of us start thinking about having sex as the nights draw in, and with the fire on and some mood music playing, why take it upstairs? Girls, start with leaving your clothes on! From cuddling, get on top to kiss, and lay your hand on his groin to feel him harden. Depending on his choice of underwear, this might need releasing now. (It can get uncomfortable in there!) Talk sexy as you peel his pants open, and maybe invent a pet name if you haven’t already.

Enjoy making the foreplay last. Sofa sex can be relatively gentle. Peel each other’s clothes off and spend time kissing and caressing your favourite body-bits. It’s a nice balance of psychological roles; the man can still feel dominant as he sits as if enthroned, and meanwhile the woman takes charge and can more or less dictate what happens. It’s great if you like playing seduction games.

Girls, when you both get naked and your man is inside you, take time and get him to take time to pleasure you first. He’s got the view of the woman he loves. Guide his hands as you ride very gently up and down, gripping him with your pelvic muscles then letting go. Get excited again about being with your partner. Reach behind to stroke his balls, and run your fingertips along his perineum, between balls and anus. Meantime, kiss his face all over.

As you get worked up, there’s plenty of room to experiment with woman-on-top sex positions. If you bounce from your knees, riding him as you might a horse, that can be a great intro, but you might find your thighs get tired. Try pulling him forward on the sofa, and get on your feet, leaning forward and squatting over him, for extra leverage. Keep working yourself at the same time, both stroking your clitoris and rubbing against him. He’ll love to see and feel you getting off on him.

Things can get really wild when you go for The Sling sex position, leaning right back and throwing your head back, while he supports you and thrusts up into you. Now he can feel his penis pulled to a different angle, which can make him feel extra hard, and you can continue to ride. There’s a lovely sense of abandonment here. Even hook your legs over his shoulders and your ankles behind his head – and if the whole glorious edifice collapses, laugh and then take it on the floor from there!

Girls, as you ride him, take time to figure what the best angles for you are. Even relatively small changes in position can make it for you or not, and you’re the only one who knows what different styles of penetration feel like and how they work for you. Guys and gals both, as you try things out together, don’t be shy about talking about sex. Keep communication open.

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