Woman-On-Top Sex Positions: A Girl’s Guide To Making It Good For Him

the_lap_rock_sex_positionsWoman-on-top sex positions can be a real thrill for both of you. It can be great for the woman to take charge. It feels liberating, there’s a power-kick, and it enables her to set the depth and the pace of penetration, in ways that are just right for her. For the man, it’s great occasionally just to kick back and admire the view, and enjoy the feeling. And, for his sake, it can be worth the woman’s sparing a thought for a man’s feelings and responses during woman-on-top sex. There are one or two things he’d maybe like you to know, and it is entirely possible he hasn’t been able to find the ways to say them yet. Without wishing to make anyone self-conscious, here are one or two things for girls to bear in mind when you want to have sex in woman-on-top positions.

First off, his penis is a sensitive instrument. It is not a dildo or a rabbit vibrator. It is a thing of flesh and blood. And sometimes, if it’s jerked or bent in ways it really doesn’t want to go, it can really hurt! (Indeed, in the worst case you can ‘fracture’ his penis – not that it has a bone in it – giving it a permanent bend called Peyronie’s syndrome.)

Whichever way you straddle him, whichever way you face, the basic movement in woman-on-top sex is to slide along the length of his penis.  Sure, you can bend his penis. Indeed, you’ll often be angling it differently, so it sticks out away from his body, from the ways it would be when having sex in, say, the missionary position. This can feel really pleasurable, and can make him feel harder.

In rear-facing woman-on-top positions, his penis may be angled a great deal, and this can give you great G-spot stimulation, though in rear-facing positions you’ll probably be wanting to stimulate your clitoris with your hands or with a sex toy. Meanwhile, he can caress and stroke you, or support your buttocks, as well as admire the view.

In face-to-face positions, you might like the intimacy of sliding up and down against him, lowered against his chest, so that you can kiss, and so your clitoris can rub against his pubic bone. In more athletic positions, you can hold your torso upright, or lean back and swing your head back – again great for G-spot stimulation.

To keep everything great for him, as you slide up and down on him, avoid gripping the base of his penis with your vagina, and wiggling in ways that strain his penis at the base. It might be that, because of your arousal, you don’t notice his discomfort now.

Enhance your clitoral stimulation, in woman-on-top sex as in other positions, by using hands and toys on your clitoris. This can be especially valuable if you need quite intense clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. Get him to caress you. In front-facing positions, he’s in the perfect position, with a clear view and easy reach, especially if you’ve got him propped up on some pillows, or you’re having sex on a sofa. It’s great for him to be able to focus on pleasuring you. This can be especially the case if you’re using your arms to help support your own weight.

If you’re using a vibrator, share control. Perhaps have him hold it, then guide him with your hands. Focus on your orgasm rather than his. It can take men a long time to cum in woman-on-top positions, so you’ve got plenty of time to get yourself off. He won’t be in any rush so long as everything feels nice for him. You’ll find a great range of vibrators to choose from in the Lovers’ Guide shops.

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