Woman Claims R Kelly Gave Her STD As Part Of Grooming For Sex Cult..

A woman is reportedly accusing R&B singer R. Kelly of giving her an STD during their eight-month relationship, a charge that the singer “categorically denies.” The Washington Post reported that the woman claims that she had been in a relationship with the singer from last June to February. She alleges that she became infected sometime in December, the paper reported. Lee Merritt, the woman’s attorney, told the paper that his client—who was 19 when the relationship started—was furnished alcohol and illegal drugs during their relationship and was unlawfully restrained. “These offenses occurred while our client was being groomed to join Kelly’s sex cult,” Merritt said. Merritt claims that Kelly “gradually introduced the cult to our client over the course of their relationship, culminating with an explanation that she would have to sign a contract and offer collateral information about herself and her family for Kelly’s protection.” A representative for Kelly told the paper that his client “categorically denies all claims and allegations”…

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