Will circumcision affect my sex life?

If you have a tight penis, which will not draw back, circumcision for medical reasons can pave the way for a more sexually vibrant – and infection-free – future.

Jim (24): My doctor tells me I have to have my foreskin removed because it is so tight and I get infections. How will this affect my sex life? I’m also worried whether Peta will still like my penis when I don’t have a foreskin.

Peta (32): I’ve been out with men with and without foreskins, so it doesn’t matter to me either way. Obviously, we can’t go on like this because his infections are a real nuisance.

The Lovers’ Guide replies:

As Peta says, Jim, you’ll have to have something done about your tight foreskin for medical reasons, but please don’t concern yourself about the after-effects because you’ll almost certainly find things are better.

You don’t describe in any detail how your foreskin is now, but it is probably very tight and in the forward position. Over the years you’ll have got used to intercourse with it like this, and obviously the head of your penis is covered by it. This both reduces the sensitivity of the head and makes it very difficult to wash underneath.

Once you are without your foreskin and the whole area is healed, you’ll notice that the head of you penis will be much more sensitive for a while as it gets used to being without its covering. Not only will this soon feel normal, but there’ll be some huge benefits too.

First of all, you’ll never have infections again. Second, you’ll have entirely new sensations during oral sex and intercourse itself. Third, you’ll experience a whole new set of sensations during masturbation. Masturbating with the foreskin in the forward position can be pleasant, but most men say it’s much nicer retracted or, where necessary, removed. You don’t say if you’ve ever had pain during intercourse, but this is not uncommon with a tight foreskin. Circumcision cures this for good.

Sex itself should be a lot better if your foreskin has been a nuisance. It’ll be nicer for Peta to perform oral sex on you, if that’s what she likes, and you’ll be able to keep the area squeaky clean. If in the early days you find you are too sensitive, you can, once the healing is complete, wear a condom for a few weeks for sex to reduce sensitivity.

As to how Peta will see your new ‘trimmed’ penis… Well, the vast majority of women aren’t upset by their man being circumcised – and she clearly has no strong views on the matter.

The new sensations that you experience will, of course, change what you can do sexually to some extent. We’ve mentioned better oral sex, but you’ll also be able to experiment with all sorts of new penile pleasures. For example, your penis rim, where the head joins the shaft, will now be open to all kinds of stimulation that were impossible before. A good example of one of these is the use of a finger-and-thumb ring technique. In this, either you (if you’re on your own) or Peta can form a ring with a finger and thumb and encircle the penis head lightly. This ring can then be rubbed gently up and down across the rim of the penis, producing exquisite sensations. You’ll need to ensure that the whole area is really wet first or this game could be tender!

Another difference you’ll notice is that your frenulum – the little vertical ridge of skin on the underside of the penis head – will be available for all kinds of new sensations. You’ll probably find that this will open new doors for you sexually as you or Peta caress it – again, well lubricated. She can also strum it with the tip of her tongue when stimulating you orally.

Lastly, masturbation, whether Peta does it or you do, will be a very different experience. A man whose penis skin cannot be drawn back experiences masturbation rather differently from his circumcised brother. This will call for some patient experimentation as you come to learn what sort of grip and movement produces the most pleasure. One thing is for sure, you’ll need to use lots of lubrication as the head of your penis will be very sensitive for some time post-operatively. And this is not just because of the operation itself. Your penis head will never have been stimulated directly like this and you will have become used to the skin over the head pulling back, if only a little. Talk about this will Peta and between you you’ll find all kinds of new ways to caress your penis.

In short, your operation will open up a whole new range of sexual pleasures for you both to enjoy. Good luck!

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