Why is my orgasm so intense?

Can you tell me if I am strange? I sometimes find that clitoral stimulation becomes so intense that I can hardly stand it! Of course it’s also extremely pleasurable and enjoyable. Am I peculiar or is it because I generally have sensitive skin? It only happens occasionally, but it’s disconcerting and my partner thinks I am winding him up.

The Lovers’ Guide replies:

Don’t worry. You’re entirely normal. The clitoris is a bundle of nerves and sometimes they get extra-sensitive. The level of sensitivity varies from woman to woman, but most women have had the “ooh, ooh… ow!” experience at some stage.

The clitoris needs time to calm down after orgasm. If it becomes too intense, there are various options. You can give it a break from direct stimulation for a while, either by focussing on your partner or stimulating it through a pillow or a sheet, to give it some time to calm down.

If you’re in the midst of making love, change to a position that doesn’t involve clitoral stimulation, either from behind or spooning, for example.

In terms of finding it pleasurable, there can be a fine line between pleasure and pain. Sometimes, the sensitivity can be a massive bonus. Other times it can hurt. If it feels good, go with it. If it doesn’t, stop. If it continues to hurt for any length of time, consult your local GP.

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