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Using toys to enhance sex positions for her

Generally speaking, men find it much easier to climax during sex than women do. While it’s all well and good to go with the ‘ladies first’ approach, that isn’t always feasible in a long term relationship. Sometimes, you want the comfort of sex and mutual orgasm without having to spend hours on foreplay beforehand; and sometimes you want hot, fast sex without having to think about anything other than the passion of the moment. This is where a sex toy or two can come in handy.

Generally speaking, women need clitoral stimulation to get off. While missionary position sex can be great for this, if you lift the legs to deepen penetration, this moves the clitoris away from the base of the penis, making it much harder to stimulate it. There are various sex toys that you can use to get around this problem. A cock ring with a vibrating clitoral stimulator will mean that the man can maintain contact with the clit during deeper penetration, particularly if the sex toy has a large or curved vibrator attachment. Alternatively, the woman can use a finger vibrator on her hand and manually stimulate herself with the sex toy/hand hybrid while the man penetrates her.

As a quirkier non-vibrating sex toy option, you could try one of the various love straps available. To use, the man simply slides it under the woman’s hips then penetrates her, and uses the strap to help her arch her back and press her clitoris into his pubic mound. It sounds complicated but doesn’t take long to get used to, and deepens penetration without removing that all-important clitoral contact. This sex toy also increases the chances of combining G-spot and clitoral stimulation which can’t be a bad thing.

For added sensuality during missionary-style sex, don’t forget the lube. Slathering each other’s torsos in lube then writhing together as you make love can turn a standard sex session into something much more special. You can now get heating, cooling and tingling lubes so you can experiment with different types to see which one has the best effect.

With the help of some sex toys it’s very easy to add a little kink to missionary sex too. Try putting a pair of nipple clamps with a chain between them onto the woman (or indeed, the man) and pulling with every thrust to add a little pain; and there’s nothing to stop the woman from using a spanking paddle on the man as he penetrates her too. If you want to go for something really wild, the woman can even use a butt plug or specially designed dildo on her man during missionary: every time he pulls back he’ll be pushing the toy deeper inside himself, which can offer a submissive treat for some men. And if it’s the woman who craves submission, simply handcuffing her hands over her head can make her feel dominated in all the right ways.

The main thing is to see sex toys as an enhancement rather than a replacement for sex. Sure, you can use them on your own but with a little creativity even the simplest of sex positions can become something rather special. You just need to be prepared to play…

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