UK’s Adult Content Rules Affect Gay Skin-Flick Studios Worldwide..

In January we told you about the UK’s Digital Economy Act, a 2017 law that requires websites with adult content to verify that users are 18 or older before allowing access. The law goes into effect this April, and it’s already starting to change how gay adult websites do business.The UK law will actually affect all US gay adult sites too. Sites like Sean Cody and Raging Stallion will have to create UK-versions to hide any sexually explicit material behind an age verification check, or else they’ll risk being banned from Her Majesty’s internet or incurring a large fine. This law has emerged at a time when US websites are censoring adult content under SESTA/FOSTA and state Republicans are trying to ban adult content as a “public health emergency.” Indeed, we are in a new era of digital sex-phobia…

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