Trump Is Causing A Malaise To Fall Over The LGBTQ+ Community..

With the confirmation of a misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic liar (and possible sexual predator) to the Supreme Court, we’re now living through possibly the darkest political week since Donald Trump’s Russian-assisted “victory” almost two years ago. The injustice of another deeply-unqualified straight white man cheating his way into a position of power is a lot to handle for many in our community, who’ve had to fight like hell just to survive. For others, their sense of right and wrong has been upended; their feeling that our country — which enacted marriage equality and twice elected a person of color as president — was on a path more truly aligned with the ideals laid out in our founding. We have an election in less than a month. We can change nearly everything. Not only can we win the House, but if LGBTQ people mobilize and vote, vote, vote in places like Tennessee, Texas, and Arizona (we are everywhere, remember?) we could even win the Senate. If that’s the case, that man we call “president” could be nearly powerless, especially after all his crimes are exposed…

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