Trump Administration Doubles-Down On Discredited Abstinence Only Sex-Ed..

The Trump administration recently released its proposed budget for 2019 and, just like last year, it seeks to ensure that sex education in the United States remains focused on abstinence. Specifically, this administration seeks to fund abstinence-only programs to the tune of $150 million. I’ve said it many times before, but it bears repeating: focusing sex education primarily on abstinence just doesn’t work. If anything, these programs may be counterproductive. For instance, research has found that the U.S. states with the most abstinence-only programs actually have the highest rates of teen pregnancy! What does work when it comes to sex education is a comprehensive approach—one that gives teenagers the information they truly need to know, which will enable them to establish safer and healthier sexual relationships. Research also reveals that comprehensive sex education is not only linked to lower rates of teen pregnancy, but also to lower rates of STI-risk behavior…

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