Trump Administration Cancels Many Sex-Ed Programs..

“The Trump administration’s abrupt cancellation of a federal program to prevent teen pregnancy last year was directed by political appointees over the objections of career experts in the Department of Health and Human Services, which administers the program, according to internal notes and emails obtained by NBC News,” the NBC story begins. “The trove shows three appointees with strict pro-abstinence beliefs – including Victoria Huber, the then-chief of staff for the department’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health – guided the process to end a program many medical professionals credit with helping to bring the nation’s teen pregnancy rate to an all-time low.” None of the stories reported that 90 percent of the sex-ed programs the federal government funds use a comprehensive sex-ed approach – in which the biology is explained along with demonstrations of the use of contraception and how to tell if one is pregnant – and 80 percent of the students in those programs fared either worse or no better on measurements of sexual experience, according to research by the Department of Health and Human Services conducted during the Obama administration…

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