Toys for two, sharing sex toys

Many people assume that sex toys are something best used for solo activity, but that’s only half the story. By choosing the right sex toy, you can enhance your lovemaking with your partner too. Maybe you have a hard time reaching climax at the same time as your lover? Perhaps you don’t get enough clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex? Or it could be that one or both of you want more G-spot stimulation. Different sex toys do different jobs, and with the help of the right sex toy, almost anything is possible.

If you’re after extra clitoral stimulation, there are various sex toys to choose from. Some cock rings offer clitoral stimulation in addition to staying power, courtesy of vibrating bullet style vibrators or protruding plastic stimulators. However, not everyone finds the angle spot on. If that’s the case for you, adding a different sex toy to the mix can help you both achieve orgasm – maybe even at the same time as each other.

Clitoral vibrators come in numerous shapes and sizes. When choosing one to use together, you should ensure that the sex toy is small enough to easily position on the clit without blocking movement. Similarly, the flatter the sex toy, the better, as that way the woman can lie on top of it face-down to keep it in place, as well as holding it (or getting her partner to), meaning you’ve got maximum flexibility when it comes to your sex positions. Opting for a toy with a key-fob style remote control also makes things easier as it means that one of you can set it buzzing while the other holds it in place, should you so wish.

And a clitoral toy isn’t just good for using during sex. If the woman is frisky but the man’s not in the mood, she can use her sex toy in front of him. To help you both feel more connected, the man can play with her breasts at the same time. There’s a reasonable chance that he may find that he is in the mood after all once he sees her playing with herself. Conversely, the woman can help the man’s orgasm along if he’s aroused when she’s not by holding the sex toy against his perineum. Just make sure you cover it in a condom or clean it thoroughly after use with an alcoholic sex toy cleaner if you’re both using the toy.

If it’s G spot stimulation that you’re after, you can use your fingers to find that magic zone but a toy with a curved tip, a G spot vibrator, will make things infinitely easier for you. If you opt for a slim model, you may even be able to use it while having sex. If that sounds a little intimidating, there are numerous ‘love straps’ on the market, that help the woman tip her pelvis to get better G spot stimulation (and deeper penetration into the bargain, so you’re both winners). These are easy to use – simply slip the strap under the woman’s hips during missionary style set and pull on it to drive penetration; or place it on her lower back and pull down during woman on top sex to get the same result. Should you both enjoy using the love straps, you may decide to take things further and get a sex swing which will help you both get into all manner of positions, with lots of G spot stimulation. If that all sounds a bit much, start experimenting by placing a pillow below the woman’s hips during sex.

And then there’s the male prostate, a.k.a. the male G spot. While many men are a little squeamish about anal play, prostate stimulation can massively intensify male orgasm. As such, getting an anal sex toy that you can use together while making love could add the extra frisson you’ve been looking for.

If anal play is something you’re new to, start with a finger-sized anal plug and insert it yourself – using lots of lube as with all anal play. Wiggle it around until the sex toy is pressing against your prostate then have sex as usual. There’s a strong chance that it will improve the strength of your erection – though you may find that you come in record time so make sure you remember the adage ‘Ladies first’ if you’re liable to dose off after climax.

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