Top ten Valentine’s romance treats

What are your most romantic treats for Valentine’s? What would you like? What would you love? Send us your ideas! Here’s our list so far for inspiration!!

1. Watching a sunset

Perhaps looking out over the rooftops, maybe strolling the riverside, this is your chance to kiss, hold hands and think of the day completed, the time shared, and the evening ahead.

2. Dressing and undressing each other

Peel your partner’s layers right away to the naked skin, pause there for thought – and more – then sex each other up, sartorially speaking, for a great night out or in.

3. Massaging one another

It’s a privilege to give and an absolute joy to receive – hours of lingering, true-love attention. Enjoy!

4. French-kissing – for ages

Make like a teen and snog for ages. It’s the best way of bonding, ‘scientists say’.

5. Taking a bath or shower together

Enjoy some soapy, sexy fun, with a glass of wine and candles on the side.

6. Cooking a romantic dinner…

…and if you really, really, honestly can’t find your way round the kitchen, hiding the ready-meal packaging!!

7. Going on a beach holiday together

Aim for that beach where it is just the two of you. Warning: there won’t be an airport near. Also warning: it – you know what we mean – is generally best kept as a cocktail.

8. Kissing each other all over

Taste your partner’s skin – and nibble the best bits!!

9. Cuddling for hours

Perhaps with a romantic film, perhaps en route to that beachside holiday. (Check out the new cuddle seats – a whole row in economy all for the two of you.)

10. Gazing deeply into each other’s eyes

They’re the windows to our souls. Share and share alike!

Now, why does watching the sunset always come in at number one? Should making love be in there? What about the positions? How about buying flowers, writing poetry, flirting or simply saying “I love you”?

Send us your lists and we’ll publish the best on Valentine’s day, and the winner will receive the Lovers’ Guide box DVD set. Email:

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