The Surprisingly Prodigious Sexual Appetite Of J. Paul Getty..

Getty, who was miserly, obsessed with business and not blessed with good looks (the New York Times’ obituary painted him thus: “A long fleshy nose dominated his pale, stern face with its pinched lips. He had blue eyes beneath heavy lids.”), “had an extraordinary magnetism for women,” according to his biographer. As Robert Lenzer wrote in The Great Getty: “It was probably the result of a unique combination of wealth, power, a well-informed and cultivated mind, impeccable manners, a wry sense of humor, and apparently, tremendous sexual prowess.” Getty liked to tell people that he could still bed five women in a day at 60, and had a document drawn up for his conquests to sign before having sex, which guaranteed they wouldn’t ask for money in the event that they fell pregnant. To maintain his allure – and energy – Getty had face lifts and dye jobs. Whatever the appeal, the ladies loved it – and fought over him…

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