The straddle position


A favourite with lazy lovers, the straddle is a woman-on-top sex position with a twist. While the man languishes in his seat, the woman climbs on board… with orgasmic results!

By far the easiest way to have seated sex is for the man to sit down while the woman straddles him. You can try this on an armchair, though you might find the armrests get in the way, or a sofa. More upright chairs can also be good, but you might miss the cushions and comfort factor – and the way, on a sofa, it doesn’t matter all that much if you fall off and roll over!

For the man, it’s a decadent and lazy position. You just sit back and enjoy it. Penetration is relatively deep, and your partner can easily reach between your legs to caress your testicles. You’ll feel intimate and close to your partner. It’s easy to kiss and caress her in this position.

For the woman, you’re the one in control and can take things at the pace, and to the depth, you want. Try using your legs as well as your thighs to control the ‘riding’, which makes this easier on the thighs than traditional woman-on-top positions. Caress yourself and take your partner’s hands and guide them to where you’d like them.

A word of caution: it can be tiring on the legs for the woman and cramp may set in. If this happens, don’t attempt to continue like this. Simply switch to another position.

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