The Need For A Category X As Well As Male And Female On Birth Certificates..

On Jan. 27, the state of Washington gave adults a third sex option on birth certificates — an “X” to indicate neither male nor female — without medical documentation. As gender scholars, we applaud this. It’s a big deal for the state to say that we don’t simply have males and females. Just adding one more category is a good start but doesn’t solve the problem of how we use these categories. We all learned from parents, teachers and friends that sex is an either/or, a binary. Males have XY chromosomes, testes and a penis, whereas females have XX chromosomes, ovaries and a uterus. But this attempt at classifying bodies is a flawed oversimplification. As many as 2 percent of people are born with a combination of sex characteristics that are neither exclusively male nor female. They are known as people with intersex traits…

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