The Clitoris – Purely for Pleasure

Maximise sexual pleasure – with nature’s blessing

The most sensitive part of most women’s bodies is the clitoris. Learning about how it can be used to maximize sexual pleasure is an essential part of lovemaking.

The clitoris is part of the female genitalia, and is the very centre of most women’s sexuality. In many ways, it is similar to the penis – it has a glans, a hood and a shaft, it becomes erect on sexual arousal and, similarly, the reason it becomes erect is that it becomes filled with blood.

Some women think that their most erotic zones are to be found deep inside their vagina, but for most women this is not, in fact, the case. For most women, their most erotic organ is the clitoris – and it is important that both women and men are aware of its role in lovemaking.

The structure

This clitoris is a very sensitive erectile organ, located just below the pubic bone, in front of the opening to the vagina, and reaching backwards, invisibly, into the body. It is partly enclosed by the folds of the labia. All this will make much more sense if you look at your genitals in a mirror. It will be difficult to explain to your lover – should you need to – exactly where your clitoris is if you don’t know in detail yourself.

the clitorisTry using a mirror to explore your own genitals

To find your clitoris, trace your inner labia forward to the place where they meet. Here you should see the tip, or the glans, of your clitoris protruding like a small pink bud from beneath its hood.

The clitoris is richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels. On sexual arousal, the entire clitoris fills with blood and swells. The hood becomes so swollen that it balloons up and completely covers the glans.

But don’t get the idea that the aroused clitoris becomes very large – it doesn’t. The clitoris is a relatively small organ and most of it is internal, so you can’t actually see very much. Even when it is aroused, the bit you see is usually no bigger in size than a pea.

The clitoris plays the central role in a woman’s sexual arousal, and is responsible for most women’s ability to reach orgasm. Indeed, this is its only known function. It is also thought that women who orgasm during sex are more likely to conceive a child.

When a woman is highly aroused, the glans retracts under its hood and may no longer be seen or felt. The clitoris can emerge and retract several times during the same sexual experience, but during orgasm the clitoris is always retracted.It used to be thought that a clitoral orgasm was an ‘immature’ form of orgasm, whereas vaginal orgasms were the ‘real thing’ – an expression of sexual maturity. It is now known that all orgasms originate in the clitoris, even if they are experienced elsewhere. It is stimulation of the clitoris that eventually produces the pelvic congestion and muscle contractions necessary for a woman to orgasm.

In order to reach orgasm, a woman’s clitoris requires continuous and effective stimulation. This can be done by penile thrusting, body pressure or direct manipulation of the clitoris by hand, tongue or vibrator.

Clitoral stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is the method that most women employ when they masturbate – sometimes using a vibrator – and is possibly both the most effective way of arousing a woman and the easiest way for her to reach orgasm. Sadly, it is a technique at which men, if the popular mythology is to be believed, do not generally excel. Luckily, technique can be taught.

clitoral stimulationOnce you know how to push your own buttons, your lover can be taught

Different parts of the clitoris, when touched, produce totally separate effects and women enjoy all sorts of stimulation. The considerate lover should make it his business to find out just what his partner enjoys.

Some women, for example, prefer the base of the clitoris to be touched, and don’t enjoy it when the tip is stimulated as it is much too sensitive. Some find that even this can be painful, while others like to be stimulated along the side of the clitoris. Others prefer a variety of different kinds of touches and sensations, and find any continued touch in one place boring, or even irritating. Mounting a direct attack on the tip of the clitoris is not always the best way to please or satisfy a woman!

Similarly, different women prefer varying degrees of pressure. Some women like harder friction than others. On the whole, one of the most common criticisms that women level at men is that they tend to rub too hard. Many men need to be taught how best to stimulate the clitoris. In this department, there is no better teacher than their partner.

Disorders of the clitoris are very rare. Occasionally, however, a woman may consult her doctor because her clitoris has swollen suddenly and alarmingly. This swelling is usually nothing more serious than an inexplicable collection of blood, which soon disperses.

Health and hygiene

Genital secretions can collect under the hood of the clitoris. It is therefore important, when you wash, to pull back the hood and to clean it gently.

Clitoral surgery

There are some surgeons, particularly in the United States, who claim that removing the hood of the clitoris makes it more easily accessible for stimulation by the penis during intercourse. Therefore, they say, this produces better and more frequent orgasms during sex.

For most people, such action is considered a bit drastic. Surgery of this type is a serious, mutilating procedure, and not something on which a woman should embark without giving it considerable thought – if, indeed, she deems it necessary at all.

Most women, however, are happy with their clitoris. Human females are the only mammals with an organ whose sole function is to produce pleasure. The secret is being willing and able to communicate your desires to your partner.

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