Teacher’s pet: get naughty!

teacher and schoolboySlip into a fantasy world. You’re back at school and about to fulfil the daydreams of your adolescence in the naughtiest of all role-playing games – and give new meaning to the phrase, ‘teacher’s pet’.

Teacher and pupil role-playing games offer endless scope for sexual fun. Once into your chosen character, you can wave goodbye to your inhibitions and let your imagination take you to a world where almost anything is permissible. So lock the bedroom door and prepare for some thrilling and unusual extra-curricular activities.

You don’t need any props for your game, just a vivid imagination to act out your fantasies in your mind. Here is one schoolboy fantasy, but there are hundreds more out there just waiting for you to make them happen.


The afternoon is hot and everyone else in the school has gone home. You are writing an essay on ‘Why I must not talk in class’, but you would rather be out playing football with your mates. Teacher is busy preparing tomorrow’s arithmetic lesson on the blackboard when suddenly she drops her chalk. You glance up as she bends down to pick it up and catch an inviting glimpse of a smoothly stockinged thigh under her severe teacher’s garb.

You’re quite excited – it’s almost worth the detention to have seen such a sight. Lucky for you that she didn’t see you looking. She busies herself at the blackboard again and you try to concentrate on the essay, but it’s no longer the thought of your mates playing soccer that’s putting you off your stride.

Why does teacher want your trousers off? Is she going to beat some sense into you, or does she have something else in mind?

Lines of communication

Glancing up again, you see that she is writing something at the very top of the blackboard – and that her skirt has ridden right up the back of her legs. She’s wearing stockings! They’re held up by the dainty little suspender belt that she is wearing on top of lace panties – which leave little to the imagination.

You look down at your paper and are horrified to see what you have written: ‘I must not talk in class because it puts others off their work and I would love to stroke that devastatingly tempting piece of flesh between the top of teacher’s stockings and the bottom of her panties.’

Suddenly you hear the sound of chalk rolling across the floor. You look down and see it at your feet. You bend to pick it up and as you look up again you find yourself staring at a pair of the shapeliest ankles you have ever seen. You sit up straight to give teacher her chalk back and she looks down at you tantalisingly. ‘That’s not what I asked you to write,’ she says. ‘Now give me my chalk and get back to work while I decide on a punishment suitable for such naughtiness.’

He’s quick to learn there’s more than one way to please teacher!

A strapping lass

Your imagination races as you wonder what she has in store for you. Perhaps she has plans to bend you over the desk and give you six of the best…

She holds her hand out to take the chalk from you and as she does she smiles and says, ‘ When I was at college, I remember that one of our lecturers told us that one way to punish bad behaviour was to force bad boys to act out their fantasies in public. But I don’t think we need an audience, do we?’

‘No, Miss!’ you whisper, as you are swept into an erotic world that is certainly not on the core curriculum.

So much for the arithmetic teacher. Once you’ve learned what she has to teach you, remember the jolly gym mistress, the frolicsome new French teacher and all the other mistresses in your fantasy sex school. Try out different scenarios and reverse roles.

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