Taking a relationship to the next level

There’s always been something different about lesbian relationships – they are often set apart from both male homosexual and heterosexual relationships, simply because of the dynamics are unlike any other.

Women naturally wish to nest at some point in their life, and this is an age-old rule that is never usually broken – it may be bent at times, but it is just nature to want to nurture for women.

This is why the dynamics of a lesbian relationship are so different – two women wanting to nest equals a very intense and deep relationship that develops very quickly. In a heterosexual relationship it is usual for the man to put the brakes on and make things go slowly – even if subconsciously. However, with two women it’s all systems go, which is why the joke about taking the removal van on the second date often rings true!

This is why, when you are in love, it’s easy to make decisions that in retrospect could seem a little foolish. It’s often best to wait until the honeymoon period is over and then make decisions that could affect your personal, professional and financial life.

It may sound cynical, but things such as money, property and status can affect the way a relationship works, so, as hard as it may be, ensure you take a deep breath and wait until you really are sure that you want to spend your life with this women – then you can go about putting her on your bank accounts and giving her a credit card!

You may be in your first relationship with a woman or have experienced a couple of girlfriends, but whatever your circumstances, there are lessons to be learned in all cases.

Getting to know someone is crucial, and remember, you can always get to know someone a little more than you think you already know them.

It’s hard to look past that wonderful and gorgeous feeling that you get in the first throes of romance – after all, who can blame you for thinking that this time it will work out just how you want it and that this really is the one? That’s great – and try to keep that feeling going for as long as you can, but also make sure you have one foot on the ground to keep things stable.

You need to communicate to your partner that you really do love her, but that you just aren’t ready for commitment at the moment. As long as you stress that it’s only while you make sure how you feel about the relationship and that you would love in future to settle down with her (if that’s the case!) then she will understand your caution and hopefully exercise some of her own!

It’s not the end of the world, and as they say, patience really is a virtue. It will work out better in the long run if you take it slow and are at least a little bit sensible at first.

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