Summer lovin’: have a blast!

What’s the best thing about holiday sex? You’re in (we hope) a fabulous location, you’re away from home and all the routines there. Out of bounds, you’re free to let go, fantasize and shed inhibitions. And there’s the time as well: your whole day can revolve around romance. What does it for you? Share your thoughts and email the Lovers’ Guide team: Here’s a selection of our thoughts to start with.


Your holiday is a time to explore your shared sex life anew. Break sexual routines. Try new positions and linger on sex play techniques. Take the Lovers’ Guide feature films with you to watch in your hotel room – there’ll be tips your time away gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy most fully. Plan and fantasise now with these pages on the Lovers’ Guide site:

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No matter if this is the holiday of a lifetime or a cattle-class trip to the Med, expectations of each other should be high. Some say holidays are stressful experiences. Will you make the connection? Do you really know you’re spending too much? Will the room or the pitch be nice? Will your luggage have got there?

Stress-busting is easy if you’ve together agreed to make the best of everything, and the only important thing is you have time together. In credit crunched times, go budget. Spend less money than you would if you were staying at home. Pack a few clothes, no valuables. Use the net and research the place you’re thinking of going to – there’ll be a lot of pictures and words that aren’t paid for advertising.

Go where your fantasies take you: a rocky Aegean shore, a mountain retreat, a forest camp, a tropical paradise; wherever you feel most connected to your thoughts of sexual freedom you’ve harboured since your earliest sexual thoughts. Agree you’re going to a place you both want where there’ll be something beautiful for both of you.

That secluded spot

Perhaps sex on the beach is best left as a cocktail, though if you lay down the towels and go guns doggy-style the issue of sand is minimized. That said, sex outdoors, in the blazing sun or beneath the stars, is truly one of those memorable lovemaking experiences. To our minds, this makes the jeep-hire worth it – or a quad-bike if you really want to up the adrenalin. Once you’re mobile, the beauty spots other holidaymakers don’t get to are easy to find. There is nothing quite like making love with a spectacular view of the island, say, when the setting sun lights the sea and there are no other people for miles around. Just remember your beach towels or borrow a hotel blanket!

Relax: sensuality

Give your body to the sun if you like that and soak up the sound of the elements, sinking down inside yourself and reconnecting with your sensuality. Allow your body to go through the process of becoming relaxed. Massage the sun cream into each other’s back and shoulders, feeling the tension pop and be released. Relish the feel of your partner’s body yielding to your hands. Muscle by muscle, savour your partner’s physicality, then with a little oil, massage the head and set the thoughts alight there.


If you’ve been soaking the sun up all day, and maybe had a quickie getting changed for your evening meal – ah, the sharing of the shower on holiday! – let the evening air fill you with feelings of romance. Romance each other, flirt again and seduce each other like you did when you first met, and now with more knowledge than ever of each other’s sexual and emotional thoughts and desires. Feed each other across the table, play footsie beneath. Enjoy the thought of all the lovers surrounding you: share the vibe. Talk sexily, or gaze into each other’s eyes and say nothing at all.

Playing safe

A note of caution if you’re travelling single or if as a couple you’re planning to swing. A lot of STIs are picked up on holiday. It’s the flipside of that carefree sense of having shed inhibitions, and any excess alcohol doesn’t help. Pack condoms and condom-compatible lubes, which you’ll find in the Lovers’ Guide shops.

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